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Painful boils in the groin (and now beginning to spread upwards)

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  • Posted By: Balrog1978
  • July 25, 2008
  • 03:23 AM

Hi all,
Out of sheer desparation I'm turning to you guys for any help/suggestions.
Ive been ravaged by painful boils that erupt ever week consistently for the past 5-6 years.
They are mostly erupting in the inner thigh region of my groin area.
They grow in size(sometimes to size of the small fingernail) and are ALWAYS extremely painful. (reddish/purple in color).
Eventually, I rupture them or they rupture themselves letting out a lot of pus and blood and leave a lot of scarring.

Recently, for the first time, these booils have appeared in the upper region of the groin (just below the stomach) and on the hips.

IF these symptoms are familiar to anyone - first and foremost: what is this condition? boils/carbuncles/folliculities/hiderentitis supparativa?
Secondly, whats the best course of treat ment I can take?
Thirdly, can anyone recommend any good dermatologist in theNYC area (I have HMO insurance) who I can show this to?

Please help!

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  • I have a few pics that I took recently...
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  • You need blood work for syphilis and herpes 2, along with getting them scraped and analyzed. Read all of this:http://www.gaytoday.com/health/020303he.aspIf it's staph, it needs treatment; if it's syphilis, you need treatment http://www.epigee.org/health/herpesfaq.htmlOften, especially in recurrent cases, symptoms may be so mild as to pass unnoticed or may be absent completely. Sometimes genital herpes are confused with a mild outbreak of boils, however boils are much larger and more painful. If you have boils, seek appropriate treatment for boils.
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  • Thanks for the reply.I've had myself checked for STD's, and it all came out negative.Is there any way to decide what type of Staph infection is this?Could this be Hidererntitis Suppurativa?
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  • The boils would leave "crater like" scars that are typical for HS... and the pus smells awful!
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  • Crater Like Scars - CheckFoul smelling Pus - Nope.Is the smell a characteristic of Hiderentisi? Or are there exceptions?Any doctor recommendations in NYC ?
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  • Did they do blood work for syphilis and herpes 2? Are you certain? Then you need to see a doctor and have a boil cultured for type and medication.
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  • Yes they did do blood work for Herpes and Syphillis.Just an FYI, these boils have been occuring before i embarked on an active sex life.....Im pretty sure its not STDsany good recommendations for the swabs you've suggested in NYC area?(I have insurance)
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  • Dear Worrier, I have this problem too,, I was diagnosed with inverted sweat glands, the only cure is to have them removed. Although I haven't been thru this type of surgery yet, I met a lady who did have it done and she said it was the best investment she ever made. I am not sure on cost but it may very well be worth you checking into. I started getting these in my twenties I am thirty five now and very feed up with them they are painful and for a women can damage your self esteem(scarring and all that) . Good luck.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • January 6, 2009
    • 04:06 AM
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  • I also have this problem. I have suffered with it for 11yrs. It started on my buttocks when I became pregnant with my first child. It has been constant breaking out with huge sometimes quarter sized boils, now it has spread to my thighs. I had one doc tell me it was staph but no antibiotic has ever helped and I have taken countless. Another took a sample and told me it wasn't bacteria. I have been tested for std's many many times and all come back negative. For me it seems to be a hormonal trigger and breakouts occur when I ovulate and also before my cycle starts. I have been to many gp's and also dermatologists and nobody has ever been able to help. The best that I have come across as a woman with access to facial products is to get chemical peels to help with the scarring. Would be nice to have something to prevent or stop it from happening at all though! Sincerely, Frustrated
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • January 14, 2009
    • 05:16 AM
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  • Boils in the groin area is really a very dreadful experiencve for anyone. One of my aunt has faced with this problem. She had also tried with many doctors but no outome. Than she had read about Boilx review and tried this product. She has foundit very effective. She has been using this for 2 months and now she is findind herself more well than previous days. It's results are good. Now she has planned to use this natural product for her life only to get rid of groin boils. To knowmore about the product: http://www.treatmentforboils.info/boils-product-review-boilx.php:)
    lacyjee 1 Replies
    • February 5, 2010
    • 07:24 AM
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  • I have hidridentis suppertavia, for 16 years now and no the cysts/boils do not always leave craters in the skin-it depends how bad, reoccurring, deep, inflamed, etc, that particular boil was. Sometimes the will leave discoloration that fades over time if they do not reoccur. Sometimes you would never know you had a boil in that spot were it not for the little "hole" that, in my experience,it DOES always leave behind. Not a crater, but what looks kinda like a blackhead (often with two heads and a tiny tunnel connects them). a real bad, re-occuring one could potentially leave a nasty crater, scar formation, sinus tracts. Read up on this disorder and you will find a million suggestions and no real answers. I think controlling it is a mixed bag for each person. look into your health, diet (some ppl swear by removing sugars, glutons etc from thier diet), hormone balance, for starters because I do believe if you can balance your body it will work better than the antibiotics, surgeries,etc...hibiclense is essential, always wash with it. try to get you hands on a good sea salt-use it as a soak in baths or make it into a paste and apply directly to boils. it hurts, applied directly (and is really most effective when the boil is inflamed, near the surface, and u want it to drain) but should help open em up alot faster to get relief. Once opened and drained, I inhale deep and pack more salt on, and hopefuly in-the wound. It hurts bad but if you can stand it I believe it totally cleans those suckers out. I haven't had one reoccur that i have salted inside and out. but that practice is new so I cant swear by it yet. also new but promising is desitin, yup-the diaper rash. its really high in zinc which is good for healing skin and some other things. google it.i find it works best at first sign of breakout, rather than mid-way through. i also take extra zinc orally as zinc is good for the skin in general. those are the at home preventative and treatment suggestion i have. the medical suggestion i have is i HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest you look into laser treatments like the carbon dioxide laser. i had a couple treatments almost two years ago and have had almost a total remission since. lately i have been feelin its time to maybe get a touch up, but no big deal yet-just signs. but hey, its not a cure, but close enough for now. only prob is they were super expensive and not covered;( still, anyone with HS should check into that-it could be a life saver
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • February 3, 2011
    • 06:56 AM
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