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No Clue Freaking Me Out!!

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  • Posted By: wooeee
  • April 28, 2007
  • 08:15 PM

I got red dots, that are all over my chest and back, and vary in size, but are generally small(about 1mm-3mm) some however are bigger and look almost like non-puss filled pimples. They are dry. Some are patched together to make a big red dry path, they dont itch and aren't extremely noticable except were clustered and on my back, I wouldnt have noticed them at all if I didnt take my shirt off cause I cant feel them. They dont puss, or bleed, and I have only noticed them the past week. Some clear away when pressed on and come back a couple seconds later, whilease some are bigger.

Now I will give you a medical backround.

Im 17, male.
155 Pounds.
I smoke marijuana regularily.
I drink sometimes(every 2-3 weeks once)
Im allergic to penicilin, ragweed, and get random allergies throughout my life(I broke out in hives when I ate cotton candy once, I broke out in hives when I used chalk) And my skin can get irritated sometimes.
Im caucasin, with a darker complexion.
I live in Toronto,Canada(winters make my skin dry)
I recently have been outside alot(in shorts and t-shirts) and recently got really tanned and really burnt on my face, arms and legs(these are the places were the rash/dots/whatever they are dont appear)
I use oxy pads on my face
I have mild acne/pimples on my face
I use Ivory soap in the shower(have for months now) and have recently stopped due to the red spots, but nothing has happened.
I previously have had to put cream on my inner thighs due to red spots and dry skin, BUT this time they spots arent on my inner thighs, and they vary in size more and some are just more of red patches.
I recently have put Aloe Vera formulas on my burnt parts of my skin(Again I repeat though, these spots arent appearing on my tanned parts of my body, my behind, and thighs)
Im under stress recently just due to certain events with schooling,family and just life.(Now for this condition)
I shower daily.
I have recently used canestan(for infection, but have no spots down there)
I use various moisturizers on my face and arms regularily(again I repeat these areas dont have the spots, but I dont put it on my legs, and they dont have spots)

I have searched up and down this forum and have found nothing, looked up all possible conditions on google images, none look like mine. these are small bumps/patchs not covering my entire body, and are discrete(except on back) I have noticed mild spreading(just on back and chest and shoulders) I have no clue what these could be and they are starting to freak me out. I feel embarassed now to have my shirt of around others and its effecting my social life. I wanna know what these things are, and what I can do to get rid of them. they are insignificant red spots/bumps/patchs that are dry and thats about it.


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