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Need Help Please!!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 1, 2006
  • 00:28 AM

Hello! I have a question for anyone who can answer it. My boyfriend has been told that he has eczema. I thought eczema comes and goes but he's had it since october and it's getting worse. Nothing has worked. He's had liver problems in the past. Could that be the problem? His liver function tests have been ok so far. He also has asthma and was told that asthma can be the reason for his rash. What can he do to stop the itching and make this problem go away? Thank you for your time.


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  • Hi Sanny,you seem very worried about your boyfriend and his Eczema. First off i dont think the liver has anything to do with it. With or without the liver problem he would still have eczema im sure.but No need to be worried. I have Ezcema as well. I don't know exactly how severe his eczema is, but as to my knoledge it is not life threatening. Pretty much all it is, is a dry, red itchy skin rash. The cause is not known however usually its hereditary. Eczema is conected to asthma so its no suprise that he has that as well. My mother has asthma so that may be why I have eczema too. anyways There is no cure but you can control outbreaks of the rashes and their severity. Unfortuantly he will have eczema his entire life, but he can control it! It's not a disease! its a skin condition, that's it. However the itchyness can drive people nuts! to stop the itching and rash, he needs to constantly moisturize himself. Depending on where the eczema is, I suggest the lotion Curel non scented lotion for extreamly dry and scaly skin. HE should use lotion through out the day; if itching still persists, go to the drug store and get a a Cortizone cream. Again, depending on where the eczema is located, he can go to the doctors and get a prescription for something call Tricinilone....Im not sure exactly how you spell it but its a cortizone that can only be prescribed.but works great! That is what i did and it works great. Usually people grow out of it and may never have a rash ever again. However, everybody is different. To avoid outbreaks, tell him that he needs to keep the eczema moist, keep out of too hot or to cold temperatures (cold weather makes the skin dry up even more) and make sure he is constantly cleaning his sheats. Make sure that anything that touches his skin is clean. Also be careful of the type of laundry detergent he uses, some may cause a breakout of the rash again. Like I said, I have eczema too and it sucks!!!! but tell your boyfriend that knoledge of his eczema is key! the more he knows about it, the better he can manage and treat it! any other questions just let me know!-kristen
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  • My 2 year old son was born with severe eczema and I have a slight case of it myself. I was told by the derm. that it is hereditary. If your boyfriend hasn't been to a dermatologist I would first suggest that he go to one. A product that works great for one person may not do anything for another. If he has a severe case of it (i.e. oozing and bleeding) he may need an antibiotic such as cephalexin and a topical steroid cream such as triamcynolone. Also, taking Zyrtec in the morning and Benadryl before bed will help ALOT with the itching. It has worked wonders for my son. However, he has a severe case of it. If your boyfriend only has a mild case of it or if it's not infected at this time he may by able to use a CREAM and NOT a LOTION for this. Creams are not diluted like lotions are and they moisturize the skin MUCH better. He can try Cetaphil Cream or they have a brand new one on the market that you may have to order through the pharmacist called Cerave. Using a mild soap like cetaphil or Cerave when showering will also make a big difference. Oh, and he can also use Aquaphor. It's really thick like vaseline and works well too. The best thing is go to a GOOD Dermatologist. He can get this under control. You just have to find what works best for him.
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  • Hi,I have mild eczema and my dermatologist told me about a product called CeraVe. I've been using it over the last few weeks and I can't say enough good things about the product. It's helped control my eczema when nothing else really worked. I use their cream for the daytime and their cleanser at night to wash my face. You can get it at a your local drug store like walgreens or cvs.
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    • September 21, 2006
    • 04:02 AM
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