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My six year old daughter has suffered with severe eczema since she was 6months old...

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 17, 2014
  • 09:58 PM

The first four years have been controlled with minor effort and over the counter creams. Hydrocortisone and benadryl. On Sept 26 2013 She was hospitalized for a skin infection that consumed her entire body. WITHIN the last year the eczema has consumed over 80% of her body. Somedays leaving her skin so sore she cant walk, sit or lay without being extremely uncomfortable. She has scratched her skin untill its bled, with no feeling of pain, just relief. These periods of discomfort last anywhere between a few days to a few months.Leaving her hands stiff with pain. Feet so raw her socks get stuck.(must bandage with non stick gauze) She spends many weeks with gloves duct taped to her sleeves to avoid her digging at her skin. Her quality of life is slowly diminishing due to her condition. She has been seen by 4 Dermatologist in the LAST YEAR. The last Dermatologist told me they no longer had answers for us and for us to be seen by another specialist, which is an hour from our house. She has had several bad reactions to medications, which result in a skin irriated rash. She has experienced painful sores covering her legs(foliculitis), itchy scaly skin, impetigo on her face(lasts 9wks, happened twice) dry skin in and around her eyes and ears, Weeping from her neck and ears, and just an all around bad quality of life with skin as terrible as this. It seems every step forward brings us three steps back. Im overly frustrated by the care she has been given. Shes been told to take bleach baths and wet wraps every night for 4months with little to no lasting results. The frequent solution to our problem is to apply topical steroids, come back in a few weeks. Before the few weeks are even up she is flaring, forcing me to take her to the ER between visits. She has suffered for a complete 11months of the year. She has missed her first week of the first grade. People always stare at her when she walks by. this is eczema? I have many reasons to believe she has been misdiagnosed. Does anyone have any experience with children with eczema or a similar issue?

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  • Hello I have had Eczema all my life and tried everything under the sun. Below is how I am managing to keep on top of things 

    1. Eating lots of wholegrains, fruit, vegetables, pulses, nuts & seeds, lean protein
    2. Cut down on dairy & sugar
    3. Use pure chimps super combo
    4. Take a daily probiotic tablet, use honey too sweeten things (both boost your immune system)
    5. Take a multivitamin every day

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    • November 26, 2014
    • 04:32 PM
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  • Get tested for as many allergens as you can. Do you have pets at home? Do a research on kids having a parasites in their body and skin conditions. I have read a lot, people got rid of parasites and skin improved. Parasites don't always show(may never show in lab results). But if you have pets at home, it is a guarantee-kids will have parasites. Did parasite cleaning with my 4 year old-eczema is gone. Research(a lot). Good luck.
    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • December 4, 2014
    • 08:17 AM
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  • I use Yu-Be skin care for both myself and my baby - it's safe for all ages and really effective. Has a nice, soothing camphor smell, too. A little goes a long way and it really works quickly to get rid of redness, dryness, cracking and flaking. I know I don't feel the pain and itching anymore, and my little one seems happier, too.
    Anonymous 1 Replies
    • December 18, 2014
    • 06:17 PM
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  • Try out oatmeal and water..paste..and apply it on the skin..you would definitely get some relief.
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