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Mulluscum Contagiosum - Should I be worried about other STDs?

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  • Posted By: gymrat_23
  • November 19, 2008
  • 06:33 PM

About 6 months ago, I went to my dermatologist because I had several large spots on my penis, one of which was on the head of my penis. I naturally thought it was herpes or some other kind of STD. She said that it wasn't an STD and diagnosed me with impetigo, which is often seen in younger children. She took a swab test and sent it to a lab...it came back and she was correct. It was a bacterial infection (impetigo). I used some topical ointment and in about a week everything went away. I believe I cought this from a girl I was dating at the time. I noticed these spots about a day after having sex with her. My dermatologist said she could have had a yeast infection or something like that....anyway.....moving on.

about 4 months ago I started dating a new girl - who I consider my girlfriend and expect to be with for a very long time...around the same time we started having sex - i noticed a handful of very small dots on my penis shaft...almost like white heads...in no particular order...randomly spread about.... i thought nothing of these as they were very very small...move forward to present time...they've been here now for about 3 months, and i've noticed a few more - and i suppose they could be a little bigger...1mm maybe...I went to the dermatologist again (which by the way is really expensive regardless of my insurance)...she diagnosed me with mulluscum contagiosum...she was very nonchalant about it. she said it was common among sexually active people. I'm on an oral pill to boost my immune system as well as topical cream (Aldara).

My girlfriend just noticed 2 spots on her vagina yesterday. She is going to her gyno to see what it is, but more than likely I would guess she has it too which totally sucks. I guess we'll deal with it together and try to be as clean as possible. Any other help you all can provide on how to get rid of these quick? I didn't get any frozen off as my derm. said it wasn't needed. they are very small.

I'm also going to ask for some STD testing... i have been sexually active since college - i've practiced safe sex maybe 50% of the time which i know is horrible...i've never had any STD testing done which kind of scares me. I have no reason to believe I have anything other than this mulluscum... Never had any symptoms of anything else. Should I be worried when i go get tested for all the STDs including H.I.V.? Like I said, I've been sexually active since college and 26 years old now. Getting these mulluscum spots makes me worry i could have additional problems.

Thanks guys.

-slightly depressed gymrat_23

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