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Lumps and itchy leg: help

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  • Posted By: loveablenita
  • March 3, 2007
  • 00:50 PM


I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or imformation on the following.

I have on the lower half of my legs below the knee lumps that have come up on my legs. They are hard and look bruised and red and itich at times day/night till i itich so much i make my self bleed. I want to be able to be like a normal person wear skirts and such but it looks like iv been in a fight with something?

any ideas?

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  • HiI have a very similar sounding problem on my shin (about half way between my knee and ankle). I've had it for about 6 months and it's just getting worse. Hard, raised area, that's much darker in colour to the rest of my skin (as you say - looks bruised), and itches so much at various times of day and night. It also seems to be spreading to other parts of my shin. I've had a biopsy done on it and they ruled out skin cancer, and said that it was some form of folliculitis. Prescribed me with an antibiotic cream, and now it's worse! I'm off to a dermatologist soon to try and get some answers, because like you, I hate it and just want to wear skirts and shorts without looking like I have some awful disease!If you find any answers, please post them, and I'll do the same - maybe we can get to the bottom of it together!
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  • Hi,Thank you for writing a reply and giving me your view on the matter. The doctor called to ay for me to go and have a by-opy ( spelling ) and i also have to have a chest x ray? I find that some days it seems like it might just go and others it pops back up? do you think it is something we eat? or something in a food? does it hurt like pins and needles for you when you touch it? shoting up your leg?
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  • I also have had this rash on one leg - left leg on the shin for about two years - my doctor gave me clobetasol propionate, which is the only thing that clears it. Once it is cleared and I stop using the ointment, in about a month or two it will come back. I guess I should go and see a dermatologist. My doctor seems to not know what it is. I have been going through a lot of stress in my family the past couple of years and I am wondering if it is my own stress reaction. My dad passed away two years ago, and now I am going through getting my mom in a nursing home for the past year - she has been in the hospital for three months now. It is a very annoying rash - kind of like hives or a heat rash, very itchy. I try to catch it early now with the ointment and try not to scratch it so it doesn't spread. If you find anything out, let me know and I will the same. Looks awful! Makes people go "eew!"
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  • I"ve had these same symtoms for over 25 years off and on and the only diagnosis and treatment that has ever worked is a topical steroid with a plastic covering. You cover the area with the cream but you don't rub it in. Go to a medical supply place and buy these clear bandages in the size you need first and cover the cream with the bandage. These are water proof and must stay on until all of the cream disappears. Then remove if still itchy try again but usually this works. What you have sounds like Granuloma Annulare. And like you mines itch something awful. But under the description for this particular skin ailment it says does not itch or hurt. But i am afraid whoever wrote the description had no idea how many of us are affected by this and some worse than others. There is no cure a biopsy want tell much I've had it all. I am now fifty-two and no near a cure. But I recently got one on my back which was new. I usually get them only on my outer arm area and lower leg. And what is key is not to injure the skin in any way. a mosquito bite can trigger because of the scratching. A healing burn can trigger it. A healing cut can trigger it. But it is usually because when we itch we scratch causing more injury to the skin. I use blue star ointment to ease the itch, in between the steroid cream. Sometimes the sterorid cream, just rubbing it in can make it get more inflamed. I am sorry but it is a horrible skin ailment. But scratching make it worse.
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  • i also have to have a chest x ray? Hi,Were you diagnosed with sarcoidosis? Everything you are discribing fits what I had about 13 years ago. The lymph nodes in my lungs were enlarged, the large, red bruise/bumps, along with joint pain from the hips down. I'm sure there were many other symptoms, but those stand out most. I went to a rheumatologist for the joint pain, and he saw the red lumps and ordered a chest x-ray. I thought he'd lost his mind until he explained to me that my body was attacking itself. It was all better after a few months (and a lot of prednisone).Good luck, and I hope you are feeling better. KB
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  • loveablenita I have the same thing on my legs for 13 years. I'm only 35, but feel so frusterated that i can't wear skirts and shorts.
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