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Itchy crawly skin

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  • Posted By: lilcee
  • June 2, 2007
  • 07:09 PM

For the last couple of weeks, I've been getting itchy, crawly skin. My Dr said it was hives from some kind of allergy but when I was in his office, I didn't have any spots for him to see so he was just guessing. He prescribed prednizone which gave me bad withdrawals, and allegra which isn't helping.
I get a hot feeling like hot flashes then my skin feels like there are bugs crawling all over me. Then I get red spots or sometimes red lines that itch like crazy. Then they go away and later will pop up somewhere else. This is driving me crazy.
I haven't eaten anything different or changed any soaps or anything like that. The only thing different when this all started is that I was helping my husband with some yard work and it was about the time that we had alot of smoke from fires (in Fl). Also, I was doing some exercises that I've not done before.
The worst places are the back of my legs (upper part), upper arms (inside above elbows), under my breasts and around waste and my chin.
My arms get really red and itchy if they are resting on something or if I'm carrying a bag on my arm.
I get a tickly - crawly feeling in my legs and around my waste - like something is crawling on me.
I've been to other web sites and did alot of research but can't find anything. This is really driving me crazy. I hate going to the Dr because he never seems to help me and just wants to give me more drugs. I'd like some natural help.
One thought I had was menopause. I'm 60 and had a hysterectomy about 22 yrs ago and am not taking any kind of hormones.
Sorry this is so long. Just want to get some answers if anyone can help me.

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  • I have been dealing with the same symptoms since mid-April 2007. Been to the Allergist twice and recently was diagnosed with "Chronic Urticaria" for which he has prescribed Allegra during the day and 1 Zyrtec at bedtime to reduce the itching. Mine welts, rash, redness seems related to the heat and is worst after being out in the sun, after working out and in the heat. I suggest you gon on line an research this and see if it applies to you and then discuss with your Dr.
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  • hi my name is dawn c. from michigan since 2002. my hole body broke out into bumps on legs arms back neck face. i m 42 female. been treated for a staff infection and nerve ending disorder. not it i had a sore teted and it came up positive for PRURIGO NODULARIS... if your soces are raised and ichy wont heal feels like needles or something biting you please be tested. read about PRURIGO NODULARIS. if i did i would not look like a crack head today.
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  • tell your doctor to test and tread you for PRURIGO NODULARIS.
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  • you also might want to do some research on scabies because all those areas are where they like to pop up
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  • I've had this issue since April 5th, 2012. I know the exact date because it started the day I replaced the St. Augustine sod (Florotam) in my front yard. That night after showering and getting dinner ready, I felt like I had bugs crawling on my head, face and arms but I never actually saw any bugs. My face and arms became red and dry. It cleared up within a week but 2 weeks later when I had to replace some pieces of sod, it started back so that's when I narrowed down the cause to the grass. What I haven't determined is if I'm allergic to something in the grass or if there are bugs. I've yaken Benedryl and used Cortisone creams for it as suggested by the pharmacist. Then it has started back this evening after doing some simple lawn care (mowing & edging). The only problem I've ever had associated with grass eas eye irritation and dryness. I would definitely like to know the cause or I may have to delegate yard work to the wife or neighborhood kids!
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  • Omg....thank you so much, I thought I was going crazy. For almost a month now whenever I have a hot flash, mostly on my back and my waist feels like bugs biting me. I was afraid to say anything to anyone fear of how they would react to me. I have scratched myself really bad because of this. Some hot flashes can be really hot and boy so are the biting feeling. This is driving me crazy. Is there medicine for this? If so I need some ASAP
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