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Is this milia?!?! Please help me!!

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  • Posted By: lovelymilky
  • September 5, 2010
  • 07:21 PM

okay so here is the story.

I have these skin colored sort of bumps on my face.
I have 4 under my left eye, and 4 under my right eye

on my left eye, three of them are near my tear ducts
they are all small, they dont hurt or itch,and they are slightly raised
they don't really look like whiteheads, but sometimes they do.

on my right eye, I have one big skin colored, raised bump,
one small sort of flat bump near my tearduct, and then these two
tiny tiny bumps that I just noticed were appearing a couple days ago

when I stretch my skin, they seem to be more noticeable

anyways, I've had them since about December~January.
I can't really tell if they have gotten worse or better or have stayed
exactly the same, but every single time I look in the mirror, it is
the only thing I see, and its driving me crazy.

I have researched and researched on possibilities of what it could be
and I had came to the conclusion it was milia, and that it was caused by
a BB CREAM called MISSHA SHINY BB CREAM SPF27 which I got for christmas.
I remember wearing it under my eyes to cover the dark circles. but instead of washing it off every night like I should have, I ended up just falling asleep with it on everyday, washing it off in the morning, and then reapplying it. the
thought of skin damage didn't even cross my mind once, until I woke up one morning and saw little raised dots under my eyes.

and the one big one that i've had for a while (although it was never noticeable to me, or ever bothered me until recently) became a little bigger and more raised.

anyways, I thought they would go away but after 7 months of no sign
of them disappearing, I researched how to extract milia myself, pretty sure
that what it was WAS milia.

I tried to poke a little hole and squeeze whatever it was out gently.
but nothing happened. it was almost impossible to even puncture a small
hole into it. I dont know if the needle wasn't fine enough or if I just didnt
have the pressure or knowledge I needed to know how to extract milia

anyways, I was left with tiny little scabs that healed rather quickly and there was no change to the bumps under my eyes

so about a week ago, I have an appointment with the dermatologist
and she took a quick look at them with her little light.
i told her the story, and what I think it was caused by, and how I think
it is milia.
but she didn't seem to agree. she just said that she thinks they are little lesions (i think
thats what she called them) and then prescribed me an ATRALIN GEL

she told me just to put a little dot on them before I go to bed
everynight and to come back in 6 weeks.
she said it should shrink them.

so my problem is, I have been using the ATRALIN for about a week, every
night before bed, and I dont know if its just my twisted head, but I feel like
they are getting bigger. maybe im wrong, but if they aren't getting bigger
than they DEFINITELY are not improving.
the bumps just feel a little sore now, and just look exactly the same.

I just want another opinion, but my mom doesn't want to take
me to another dermatologist. and I have this odd feeling that she
gave me a wrong diagnosis or because I live in miami, and its probably
not a common thing to see in 19-year old girls here, she didn't really know
what it was so she just prescribed me a tretinion gel (not to mention she had never heard of BB cream, since it is a korean cosmetic). I dont know, but if you could help me figure out what it is, i'd be forever grateful

I really don't want to have these things forever
the only thing that keeps me from having a total breakdown over them
is the fact that if they got on my face somehow, they should be able to
come off. so I just try and keep that in mind. im really hoping it is true.

and a little extra bit of information : after I had tried to unsuccessfully ****k them off myself, I researched a bit more on what I could do, and read a couple reviews on
the ORIGINS SPOT REMOVER working rather well for milia
I started using it, and I loved it because it smelled strong and burned a little so It felt like it was working. I thought it was at first and got so excited, but it just seemed to flatten them a little and dry out my under eye skin . I didn't use it routinely because I was afraid it was too strong for the under eye skin, so I never found out if continually using it could work

well, I am attaching two pictures.
the first one is my left eye and the second is my right eye
you can see the big bump under my left eye easily, but the other bumps not so well because my camera isn't very good with close ups



please help me if you can!!
feel free to e-mail too at lovely.milky@hotmail.com

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  • Hi, I don't know exactly what you get. there are many reason that can cause itchy skin bumps. So, you may take a look to this guide http://itchyskinbumps.com/locations-of-skin-bumps/skin-bumps-on-face/ . You may find out all types of skin bumps these; Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment. good luck!
    kenny1703 11 Replies
    • September 6, 2010
    • 03:53 AM
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  • they are not itchy thoughthey don't feel like anything.they have just become sore recently because Im using an atralin gel everynight, hoping that it will eventually make them smallerthankyou anyways! (:
    lovelymilky 1 Replies
    • September 7, 2010
    • 01:54 AM
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  • I think there's more wrong with your reaction to it then what's on your face. Seriously, that just looks like skin to me, that doesn't look at all like millia. It looks exactly like what your doctor says it is, actually: small skin lesions. :PDespite what magazines show you, NOBODY has perfectly smooth skin. NOBODY. The stuff you see in magazines isn't skin, it's Photoshop and makeup, mkay? Stop rubbing crap all over them (except what your doctor gave you to put on it), and stop poking them, you're just irritating your skin and possibly making them worse. Especially stop poking them! They look like small epidermoid cysts, and breaking them is a not a good idea, especially breaking them with an unsterilized needle or finger or whatever you're using. As long as they don't itch, don't turn red or get sore, and don't get bigger or get more of them popping up, don't worry about it so much. If they need to be removed they can be cut out, but if they stay as minor as they look now, it hardly seems worth it.You're a teenager. If a few minor bumps around your eye are the biggest skin problems you have, you don't have any reason to be freaking out like you are.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • September 28, 2010
    • 09:26 AM
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  • They appear to look like milia but are probably irritated right now from the topical medication. Milia are small sebaceous cysts under the skin resembling a poppy seed. They can be caused from a variety of things including too heavy of a moisturizer. Milia can appear at any age. I have seen children as young as 8 with them. Milia is very difficult to extract because there is a layer of skin over them. I would recommend using a glycolic cleanser. Be patient. Glycolic has the smallest molecular structure and is able to penetrate the follicle (pore) and purge the milia up to the surface where extraction will be possible without too much damage. You must wait until you feel the milia actually above the surface in order to properly extract. Otherwise, you will break capillaries. Good luck!
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 9, 2010
    • 08:49 PM
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  • Did you ever figure out what it is? I have the same thing! Well I dont have the big bumps, but you have the dozen tiny tiny bumps under the eye. Thats what I have. you didnt seem to mention the really tiny ones that there are many of, so im not sure if thos!e are part of your concern. I suspect they are milia or xanthelasma. Im waiting to find out
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 22, 2010
    • 09:32 AM
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