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In agony and need some help!

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  • Posted By: ItchyMindy
  • November 7, 2008
  • 05:43 AM

Hello everyone. My sister and I are in a crappy situation. About three weeks ago, my sister started to have a few small red bumps on her stomach. It was about a week after a surgery she had. There were only about four to five on her stomach. Two days later, I began to have a few of these small red bumps on my ankle. At the most I have four on my ankle. I then had three pop up on my arm. My sister went to her doctor that preformed the surgery and he said he did not know what it was. We then both made an appointment to see our family doctor. He said it was a staph infection and gave us doxycycline hyclate 100 mg's x's 2 a day for 15 days.

We went back to the doctors yesterday after being on the medicine for fourteen days and was told by a different doctor it is either MRSA or Scabies. I've researched Scabies all day and everything I have read says it has 100's of different bumps in clusters in different areas. We have at the most 25 bumps on our whole bodies. Many are either single in place or at the most has two. None of them are in between our fingers or our toes. The same bumps re blister and then itch. Some of them have a yellowish pus to them. The itching has decreased on the doxycline. When they are itchy, they are itchy at different times of the day, not just at night. I personally have scratched so hard, that they bleed and scab up.

I feel like we are on a roller coaster. Anyone that has had scabies, how were your blisters? Did you have many or just a few? Has anyone heard of having scabies and only having a smallamount of blisters? What would you do in this situation?Any thoughts on MRSA? We need help! Thank you! :)

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  • Hi Mindy,First and most important question is how old are you and your sister.. Second thing to realise is that both of you have it.. Then how did you get it.. If I suspect correctly, when you scratch at them, it makes it worst and you spread the toxin. They come up in a little miniature blister that you can hardly see.. and then they itch just a little bit and then you scratch at them and they are worst.. then they drive you nuts..absolutely bonkers..and you have to keep scratching at them until you make them bleed, whereas at that point, you do get some relief from the itch. Unfortunately., what you have done by then is spread the toxins to non infected areas of the skin, whereas the cycle starts all over again.. I have treated many patients in the past for this.. Send me an email and more on your symptomatology and entomology as related to the past 10 years.. Skyhighnemo@yahoo.com
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    • November 18, 2008
    • 07:25 AM
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