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I have chronic impetigo ? it comes out of my lips when stressed also have perleche, hsimplex 1, acne

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 28, 2015
  • 02:42 PM

Does anyone else have a dx. of chronic impetigo on their lips....comes out when stressed...notice dairy products seem to bring it to the forefront....sometimes it is darker, looks like a purulent something or other...original dx. of impetigo in Oct. 2014. I really think my ex was a staph carrier....I feel as if its an STD. I had every imaginable sexual test performed 3 mos. ago. I have several other skin problems. I used to work for a derm and then cardio-vascular as med. asst. Besides my lips excreting crap whenever....my nails are dry, cuticle overgrowth and around the sides it seems sometimes as if there is pustular lesions...I can move them up into a ridge..for lack of a better term...my feet are a real mess...after soaking in footbath or even before...they can also form a "ridge" and other areas can be expressed for more purulent like crap. My arms and legs originally dxd for folliculitis now they don't dry up as fast and flake and it seems large areas around the original lesion, satellites I guess...Keflex, vibryyd, gen. bactroban, HCTX 25 mg., Ativan prn, Adderall, tramadol prn, flexeril 10mg. prn and I now returning to part-time work (good stress)but, dealing w/daughter poss. moving back in w/three grands two are age 6 and boy, 13. behavior issues w/all four of my fave ppl in this ole' world! Mother dying, recent amputee after two CVA's, and I am single!!!
There's a lot going on....unsightly scars on arms......I am quite a debrider....never dxed w/ocd though...I wouldn't pick at nothing! Oh, and seborrhiec dermatis eyebrows...thin look gross...no, trictolomania spelling....please. Age 52, need to lose more than a few...I was finally content w/the weight I was 3 years ago...menopause set in, not the men all pause when I walk into the room (old disco no.)Please excuse spelling errors....I do get regular check-ups fam, derm, rheum, and gyn and last, but certainly not least psyche. My skin just seems like it has some form of exudate waiting under my largest organ. And, there is quite a bit. Embarassing.....But, I am glad God preserved my sanity and willingness to learn and try.....Any thoughts, comments, similar sitns. The lips and corners really bug the living sh** out of me. Skin is still oily, not wrinkly....I having a difficult time w/cigarettes, Only drink a few times a year...outgrew...no other vices legal or illegal. I definitely need more exercise...who doesn't. I am glad their is a forum for ppl to use and it does not cost...blessing. Thanks...And summer is too hot for me..even when I was young and thinner. It doesn't mix w/meds. Perfect mate would be a co-dependent dermatologist who wants to fix me and my nasolabial folds and multiple integumentary system issues. lol That's all.

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