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I am finally free of Molluscum!

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  • Posted By: Surfferman
  • March 29, 2010
  • 03:40 AM


It has been almost 2 months now without even the slightest sign of another breakout and I think I have finally beat this thing. It hasn’t been easy; the psychological effects of knowing you have a disease are a lot to handle. Especially when it is in a sensitive area such as the genitals, like mine was. I’m not saying this is the correct way to fight molluscum, but it worked for me and didn’t require some tree oil crap, or acid washes.

I contracted MC from an unknown source. I believe I got it from having a “random hookup” with a girl immediately after shaving my genitals. She never contracted any symptoms of this, but I honestly doubt the girl would own up to it even if she had it so I still don’t know for sure how I got it. It started out looking like a mole, but then a lot more small ones started to form, and before I knew it, I had 8 of those suckers. I FINALLY went to the doctor’s office where they did a biopsy of one of the larger ones. I then went and got a full blood screen to make sure I didn’t have HPV or AIDS or anything of that nature. I was clean, and the results came back saying I did in fact have MC. They prescribed me Aldara which cost me around 500 dollars even with my insurance deducted (EXPENSIVE SH!T). I did the Aldara like I was prescribed, but it did close to nothing.

After using the Aldara for weeks on end, and nothing happening, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I decided I was going to pop one of the big ones and find out what was inside. I took a lot of time in doing this, because of how easily it can spread I made sure to sterilize everything and wash my hands thoroughly before and after opening the MC up.

I found out that on the inside of the large ones is just inflamed tissue. There is no puss or anything, and has the same consistency of a large zit (without the puss). BUT, there is a very small “core” which the molluscum grows in. Much like popping a zit, the molluscum will not die until you get rid of the core. The easiest way to get to the core is to use a needle and cut the very top of the MC. Use your fingers to squeeze at the base of the MC and get as much blood out as you can. At this point you will only be getting a few drops which won’t come out unless you squeeze on it hard. Do your best to get some of the tissue out of the top. I used tweezers to pinch the tissue and take a little bit out at a time. It honestly didn’t hurt since it was so inflamed in the first place. Continue to pinch at the base like you were popping a zit. Eventually it will turn purple/blue which means you’re almost done. Now comes the tricky part, you will need to get the core out by putting the tweezers in it and find it. To me, removing tissue over and over makes it easier to find in the end. Pinch, remove, pinch, remove, etc… its hard to spot the core because its so small, but it will look like a mini lima bean about half the size of a piece of rice. Its white and a little more dense than the surrounding tissue. Once you do find the core, the MC will begin to bleed faster and on its own. You will have to put some tissue paper or something on it to make it clot up. And you’re done! It will scab over within a day and the swelling will reside within a week.

I tackled the big ones first and I wish I hadn’t. There is so much inflammation that it’s hard to tell what is what. TAKE OUT THE SMALL ONES FIRST. If you see a small one starting, stretch out the skin and you will see a small white dot/puss ball looking thing. THAT’S THE CORE. When they are young and just forming, the core is very near the surface, so it’s easier to pick out. Practice on those first before you take out the big ones.

Herbal teas are a joke. And the medication doesn’t help at all. There is currently no KNOWN CURE FOR MC. If tree oil was an easy cure, don’t you think we would all be using that right now??? Don’t be fooled into paying 500 dollars like I did, just pop those suckers and get on with your life

I only have one scar from all of this, and it is from the one the doctors biopsied so you have no need to worry about unsightly scars. I have no trace of them so it worked perfectly for me. If you feel like you need to wait it out and go by the doctor’s orders, by all means go for it! Enjoy spending the next 2 years of your life with that crap on you. If you want it gone, nip it in the butt when it’s young. This of course if only my theory, so don’t expect it to be an absolution to the problem. But, I am molluscum free!!!

If you have any questions, please let me know. I’ll try to check back as often as I can.

Good Luck!

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  • how long did it take once you started picking out all the cores for everything to heal up?
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  • how long did it take for it to go away once you de-cored all of them?
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  • i've tried posting a few times...so i hope it isnt showing up everytime and i just don't see it or something..but i was wondering how long it took to heal up after you got all the cores removed?
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  • i've tried posting a few times...so i hope it isnt showing up everytime and i just don't see it or something..but i was wondering how long it took to heal up after you got all the cores removed?After I got the cores out, it scabbed over and was like that for a few short days before the scab fell off. It was completely healed within 2 weeks and you couldnt even see any kind of skin blemish within 3 weeks... TRUST ME, its well worth it to get rid of this crap from the get-go, than let it run its course...
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  • well here i amI GOT THIS LAME **s ****!!HAD IT FOR LIKE 7 MONTHS NOW!!..noticed a bump 1 day but didn't think too much of it and 7 month's later i have like LITTERALLY 100 small ones all over my penis!! you just dont understand how paranoid i was when it hit me that i had something!!cant have sex anymore with this LAME **** all over my penis...(i mean i cant let a girl find out about this!)..so back to the masturbation i went...and i learned something from thiswhen i 1st noticed that i had these BUMPS FROM ***l i noticed that there was no activity(in spreading that is)...but i noticed when i started masturbating more i noticed that this **** started spreading more....and that explains why people have this **** for years on end!!getting this **** will make you not want to have sex which will turn you over to masturbating occasionally...but doing so will only spread this *****t of a virus more because when you masturbate somehow the bumps break which releases the fluid spreading to different areasi heard someone got completely cured from this by taking fish oil caplet's...so i guess im gonna try those outP.S i might have spelled alot wrong and all but i dont care...i have bigger thing's to worry about like GETTING RID OF MOLLUSCUM
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  • I got mc from who knows who, and by the time I figured out what it was i also had almost 100 already in the worst places. Doctors said it'll clear up on it's own within 5 years, and gave me creams that hurt like he'll and did nothing but burn everything.Finally, I was fed up enough to risk sticking needles into my penis :) after reading This original post, I followed instructions almost precisely, and found success removing a few lesions. I asked a dermatologist about this method, since he was impressed by how fast I was healing so I told him what I'm doing. He said it's totally ok, as long as I sterilize the needle with at least 90% rubbing alcohol ( don't use fire unless u want a tatoo). He said it is essentially a finer, more precise version of how they remove mc surgically at the hospital.I removed 50, waited 1-2 weeks to heal scabs, removed more and more and more... The doc said the way it works is u remove some and about half come back each time until it's down to zero. I removed 100, 50 came back, removed 50' 25 came back, removed 25, 12 came back, -12 +6 -6+3-3+2-2+1-1...=zeroAltogether this took 6 months of patience, pain, embarrassment and bloody needles. But that's only because I waited until I had 100.... If I knew what it was and removed e first 1 or 5, it would've taken just a few weeks.No matter what, this beats the ***l out of creams that take 5 years. I'm healthy and clean and have no scarring or anything. I can have amazing sex again, and still made my girl **m a few times a week while goin through the process (she's immune to mc, possibly because she had pox before and it's technically a pox virus.)Don't be scared, do this method youll thank yourself!!Kill gem early before they get all big, but it's still easy to kill the big ones.In fact, u don't even need the needle or tweezers, u can just use two thumbnails like poppin a zit almost. Just sterilize everything and your skin etc.Good luck! And thank you for originally posting this thread! It's the ONLY actual method to cure MC especially on such sensitive places like your ***k
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  • I have had this HORRENDOUS skin disease for close to two years. I spent hundreds of dollars going to the dermatologist who would freeze the bumps off, which scars. I spent even more money when certain ones didn't go away after the freezing to have the dermatologist scrape them out which was incredibly painful and left even worse scars. I had read all kinds of homemade remedies and things about ordering expensive "cures" and I had had it with this awful disease! Nothing worked. I read something about covering the bumps with apple cider vinegar, which worked after you opened them up. But really the only thing that would work is exactly what you said. You have to dig that nasty white bump out of the center. It's messy, it's bloody and a pain in the a$$ but it sure makes it go away! I am now bump free! I hope anyone who comes in contact with this CURSE does not waste money with doctors, scarring, and joke home remedies. Cut those suckers out and be done with it. Also, wash your bath towel after every single use. I got all white ones so I could bleach them every time. It's possible to get this disease from saunas and gym equipment, which is what my doctor told me. So to everyone out there, BE CAREFUL and wash your hands like crazy!! Good luck!
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  • Yep, thanks for being simply truthful! And this is what is getting rid of mine too. Using the corner of nail clippers cos they're nice and sharp and cut straight into the core (pun intended). You can also get the core out by repetitively sticking and then removing a new square of masking tape, every night for about 4 days. Just like a 24 hour pore cleaner strip! This irritates the cells to get rid of the invader. Its hard to tell what the core looks like when it eventually gets stuck to the tape, but i think it looks like (sorry to be crude) dry pimple puss.
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  • I wish I would have gone when I saw the first one but now I have 20 and will try this process... If you don't get a reply from me within a month or so, it will mean it worked! To add my little bit of information, it gets much worst when you masturbate. So do NOT disturb them unless you are going for the core.DD
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  • I thought i was finally getting rid of this crap until 2 small ones appeared. I removed them, they were tiny so hopefully they heal quickly.
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  • I've discovered a quicker and totally painless way of dealing with MC. My 6 year old son had hundreds under his arm, the dermatologist reccommended freezing them off or just letting them "run their course". I mentioned my son's condition to my cousin and she said you need to get some Tagamet---the heartburn medicine. Crush up 1/2 a pill and put it in his juice or water once a day till they're gone. It took 10 days for the bumps to totally disappear! It was incredible! I guess an adult could take a whole pill or whatever a full dose is for an adult. It worked for us---hope it works for you!
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    • August 16, 2011
    • 10:51 PM
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  • WELP IM BACK!im the guy who posted saying i had this for over 7 months.it's been over a year since i posted here and guess what? I STILL GOT THIS ******d VIRUS FROM ***l!i wont even lie, i was going to commit suicide becuase of this a few months ago. i just didn't feel like dealing with it anymore =(i estimate that i have like 300 all over my penis(it look's f**king disgusting!) i had like 100 a piece over my armpits but they eventually disappeared after like 2 whole years because i never really touched them.i have a lot on my chest but i can get rid of these and some very small 1's usually pop up on my eye lids and forehead but i get rid of them each time by opening them up with a needle and dabbing some organic apple cider vinegar on them and they are gone in like a day or two(but EVERYTIME i touch an infected area i touch my face and it gets infected again EVERYTIME smh)but i think its time to use this method because it's really the only way to get rid of this and that is of course digging out the cores.i always avoided the penis area but it's time to do what i have to do because im sick of turning down every girl that comes at me because of this. i have to constantly make up excuses all the time. no love-life status for me =(but it's time to say enough is enough!i decided that im going to do a method of taking a shower with a bar of soap to make the infected areas dry(non moist), dig out the core with a sterilized needle and maybe tweezers if needed(which is going to be ***l around the penis area BUT I GOTTA DO WHAT I HAVE TO DO!..) and dab some apple cider vinegar on them afterwardsim sick of playing games! i will be starting my "getting rid of molluscum journey" later on TONIGHT!
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    • August 17, 2011
    • 05:39 PM
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  • Hey everybody. I had this a little while ago and I cured it with a mixture of approximately 30% iodine and about 70% tea tree oil. Just keep applying once or twice a day with a q-tip and use a clean end of the q-tip for each area that you have it. It might cause a little irritation but nothing intolerable. I found this cure on Wikipedia as they did a study using this combination. Good luck and take care.
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  • Im so glad i found this, ive just been diagnosed with molluscum, well i practically did the research then went to the doctor and told her what i thought it was i think if i hadn't she'd have no clue what it was.

    Im going to pop them while there small i pray this works, i havent had it for long and already cant sleep, i dont even know how i got it, ive been with the same guy for 2 years now.

    will pop them and let you know how it goes.
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    • December 1, 2014
    • 07:44 PM
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  • Tea tree oil and betadine cured my molluscum in two weeks ...I always kept it very dry and used neosporin and wrapped it with gauze pads. PRAYED like ***l and I was cured in two weeks thank god ! I had this in my Anal area very uncomfortable to sit down also very hard to do a bowel movement because it was sore ..the doctor had prescribed ALDARA but of course this didn't do anything but burn ! I still have scars but I'm going to try shea butter and coco butter to remove them it's only been a week since I've been clean but I'm beyond happy it feels great . LASTLY don't not shave the area of the molluscum until it's gone shaving makes it worst and it will spread just deal with the hair LOL be a beast good luck god be with you all :) and don't be discouraged until you've tried everything to get rid of this disease remember everyone's body is different I have very sensitive skin so I used the tea tree oil on a cotton ball with a little bit of water
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