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Help! Tinea (jock itch) always comes back

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 22, 2008
  • 04:51 PM

Hi! I'm worried. I have been having an itch and also a mild scaling of the skin in the genital area for a while now. Sometimes it would itch and also scale a bit and I treated it with anti fungus cream (batrafen) and then it would get better but after a while it would start to scale and itch again. But it never became really bad so I more or less ignored it. But then in December it became different. There was a spot which started to scale and the skin became depigmented and turned totally white. Then I went to a dermatologist and he took a sample which later on was confirmed as Tinea. He told me to apply anti fungus cream (batrafen). I did this and it took at least 2 weeks for the red spots to become lighter and I think I applied to cream at least 5-6 weeks because I wanted to be sure that it's gone. But I was already sceptical because I already assumed that the scaling would return just like it did in the past. And after maybe 2 weeks after having stopped the treatment the scaling returned!I went to the dermatologist again and told him that the scaling is back and that the area also smells strange and asked him if bacteria could also be involved. He took a smear and I went to him 2 weeks later and he said that I also have staph bacteria. He now told me to take anti fungus cream (batrafen) and something against the bacteria (fucidine cream). I have been applying both creams for 5 weeks now and even though the skin has improved and the red infected spots are gone I still do not trust this AT all.Even now the skin scales very mildly! How in the world is this possible? I am still applying the anti fungus cream 2 times a day and I am absolutely sure that the scaling will be back as soon as I stop the treatment. I don't know what to do anymore. The doc already seemed clueless to me last time I went to him. What do I do if the fungus simply always comes back even though I treat it so diligently? This really concerns me.

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  • You could have a couple of conditions at the same time, confusing the treatment. Get a blood test for herpes 2 and syphilis to rule them out and get checked for all of the other stds, especially chlamydia, since you had an infection, too.
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  • Hi!I am not in a sexual relationship and haven't been in one either so I guess that this rules out syphilis and the other stuff.I have never had any herpes symptoms. The doctor took a skin sample when I first went to him and it confirmed that it's tinea.When I first came to him and showed him the spots he directly assumed that it's tinea and then gave me batrafen which is a prescription anti-fungal cream. I used this stuff for many weeks and even though it took long for the redness to go away the skin became better and I used it longer than the recommended normal 4 weeks because it took so long for the redness to go away and because I wanted to be sure. I think I took it 6 weeks.After this I waited and already suspected that it would return and in fact it returned after only a few weeks. Then I went to him again and told him that it's back and that it also smells strange. This is why he did the additional bacteria test which showed staph bacteria.Then he told me to take fucidine against the bacteria and batrafen again against the fungus.I have been applying both creams now for 5 weeks and even though the skin looks pretty normal now I do not trust it at all. Even now the skin scales, it's mild but recognizable + due to the alcohol which is in the batrafen gel the skin has become very very dry and wrinkly!It looks pretty ugly and stupid. My skin looks like the skin of an 80 year old where I applied the cream all those weeks. I hope that this will go away again but I'm pretty sure that the whole stuff will come back as soon as I stop using the anti-fungus cream. I don't know what to do anymore. I have already been to 2 different dermatologists because of this and one of them told me that fungus should not come back. He said that you could get a new infection at any time but that it shouldn't return once it's gone but in my case it was not a new infection it was a return because the exact same spots which scaled back then started scaling again so it was a return and not a new infection.I just wonder what this could mean if fungus comes back. Does this mean that something with the immune system is wrong? I don't just want to go to a dermatologist again and then be given new cream and sent home without trying to find the explanation for this. :(
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  • You can have a virus for years and it is just now manifesting as this rash; it could be herpes 2 or syphilis, however, it has been diagnosed as a fungus but you, for some reason, think it may be more. In order to be confident that it is only a fungus, you need to be certain what it is not and that means getting a blood test for herpes 2 and syphilis. Syphilis manifests as a rash and that is second stage syphilis. You don't need any symptoms of herpes to have it; half of the people with it don't have any symptoms--you have one--a rash. You could have picked it up years ago and just getting the symptom now. It looks just like jock itch in some cases....or it's just a fungus.
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  • @ monsterloveI will ask my doc about herpes when i go there next time.@ blazeWe have no power lines near our house. I also don't use the cellphone very much but I use wirless Lan at home but the radiation of wirless Lan is supposed to be rather mild. I also have a lot of fibrofolliculomas but I'm afraid in my case they are genetical because others in my family have them as well.
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  • don't forget syphilis; remember, knowing what it is NOT helps you to focus mentally on what it is-- maybe only a fungus.
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  • Talk to your doctor about a one does 400MG ketoconazole. This might not be right for you if you have liver problems. Alway check with your doctors before taking strong drugs.
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    • December 29, 2008
    • 01:53 PM
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  • if it starts dark then turns white, then it's very likely to be Tinea Versicolor, which is kind of resistant to topical treatment, systemic antifungals like itraconazole could help
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  • Really its a serious problem.I think you should concern about this to your doctor first.Thanks
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  • Try microwaving your underwear and socks for 2 to 3 min after washing them. Then put them in the dryer. This will sterilize them so you don't keep reinfecting yourself.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • September 14, 2010
    • 10:11 AM
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