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Flakey skin, Red lesions, acneish bumps, itchy all over

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  • Posted By: confuseld
  • June 24, 2008
  • 08:04 PM

Hello, my name is Sam, I am 20 years old, and I have been having some skin issues for about the last 2 years that have progressively gotten worse. I have been diagnosed with Seborrheic Dermatitis (SD) as far as the dermatologist is concerned (she didn't even really look at me too hard). I have many more symptoms and issues than SD would account for and have slowly been getting worse. I guess i'll start by listing my symptoms.


Muscle Pain in legs. (Not consitently happening. Only when other symptoms are also bad)
Itchy skin in armpits, under facial hair, and under scalp hair.
Used to get frequent panic attacks
Sensitive to bright lights
Occasional increased heart rate for no apparent reason.
Sometimes I get really hot/cold for no reason
Increased Sweating
Muscle weakness in upper body.
Itchy skin all over my entire body.
Random boughts of itchy anus/groin.
Increased Salivation (Like when you first bite into a piece of bread when you are really hungry and your saliva goes crazy. Like this all the time).
Increased Apetite.
Slight Wieght loss (Most muscle tone is still intact just fat seems to be gone on places it has been my whole life. I seem very skinny now as opposed to being average most of my life).
Persistent white residue (kind of patchy) on back of tongue.
Slight boughts of minimally sore throat
Flakey oily irritated facial skin.
Ranges form terrible Seborrhiec Dermatitis looking skin all over my face to almost completely gone.
Red patches of irritated skin on face and occasionally on shoulders.
Extremley itchy localized and singular raised bumps about every two weeks. One big one on upper bicep right now. The only way to get these to stop itching is a little cortisone cream.
Hive like lesions on my chest, upper back, most likely on scalp, and couple on face. They are mostly right under my mouth on both sides and on my right cheek.
Very itchy
Flat red spots
Much worse when:
Waking up
After sweating
Not taking frequent showers
Eating foods with sugar, grains, large amounts of cheese
Well I think thats most of them. Sorry for the text wall attack. Now I'll talk about what I have found or supsect it might be as well as treatments I have tried and all that jazz.

Candidiasis (Yeast/Fungal Infection)

I have a strong suspicion it could be this. Many of the symptoms of this are consistent with what I have. The problem is the symptoms of this are
hard to differentiate from other conditions and doctors often don't diagnos it. I use antifungal shampoo on my scalp which helps a little bit with the itchiness (caused by SD). I have tried an anti-fungal cream on my face which seemed to help a little bit. I used Virgin Cocnut Oil for week ( 1 tbls a day) with some wierd results. From the coconut oil my face seemed to get worse and when I stopped taking it I developed a terrible stomach pain/migraine the next day out of nowhere. Many events in the past seem to support this idea.

I used to get large white residue looking growths on my retainer when I wore it.
Frequent Canker Sores when wearing retainer and when condition first started
I drool which could have spread a fungal infection onto my face ( aorund the mouth where most of my acneish stuff and red lesions occur)
I used to bite my nails religiously which could have given me a fungal infection
I played hockey and had gotten fungal infections from my gear on my legs when I was younger. I am worried I could have spread one from my hockey gloves to my face/body.Thyroid Problem

The increased appetite and weight loss fit with this. Also Hyperthyroidism can cause fatique, and skin issues by making sweat more acidic and drying out the skin which makes it produce alot of oil. The panic attacks I used to get can also be attributed to this. I also used to get mood swings which could have been caused by this but they where most likely caused by puberty. I haven't looked too much into this , but I will probably ask my doctor about despite the fact that he will probably think I am insane.

Once again I apologize for my massive wall of text, and I hope some people will actually be able to read through the whole thing without their brain dying. I am going to the dermatologist in about a week and I would certainly like any opinions anyone has about anything I said. I will be checking in and will gladly provide anymore info if requested. I greatly appreciate any insight/help anyone on this forum can give me.

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  • Too late to edit my post I guess. Sorry If I am going against any board rules. I forgot to add a few symptoms. They are: DizzinessLight headed oftenHead rushes all the timeFeeling of my head being seperated form my body (wierdest feeling ever).
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  • I hope your doctor doesn't think you're insane :) I have a lot of the same symptoms, and am frustrated that doctors focus on individual symptoms and don't seem to look at an underlying cause. I feel like the symptoms get worse when I get out of balance, i.e. too much coffee, not enough sleep ... I have found some relief by drinking Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar. 1 tsp, twice a day. If I do this daily all my symptoms are considerably better, but still not gone.I'd love to hear if you have had any luck determining the cause of your symptoms.
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