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Finger Bumps

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 6, 2007
  • 08:03 PM

Hi there,

Ok heres the deal. I have these bumps on my finger. I got them from a guy I used to work with by shaking his hand when he had an open wound/leaking bump. I have also given them to someone else while shaking hands again & one of my bumps burst. They are filled with a clear liquid. They itch sometimes but not often. Every now & again I get one that has a head to it or what I call the seed. That one itches bad when it comes. Anyway Ive been to a ton of doctors & they all dismiss it as dishydrotic eczema. Telling me its coinsidence that the others had bumps too. Its rather irritating because I can trace it back to where I got it & whom Ive given it to. Eczema isnt contagious from what I know. Anyway, if you know what this could be please help me out.

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  • I got these too, from working in a nursing home before we used gloves. I strongly believe it's some form of (viral) wart, since after the itching goes away there are one or more bumps which remain. Seriously, my doctor thought it was dermatitis, my friend thought it was scabies, my mother called them 'vitamin C bumps' and attributed them to stress and the dermatologist thought they were 'age spots'. My friend was wrong about the scabies, but the others were all partially correct--lack of vitamin C and too much stress can weaken the immune system, allowing the virus to multiply; dermatitis could easily result. Of course age spots are actually flat warts on the back of the hands. Older people tend to have them simply because the longer you live, the higher chance of exposure to the virus. I have them on my palms, fingers, wrists, back of the hands, and my nose (from touching it--a major regret--thank god they're unobtrusive!)My fingers had blisters from my scratching yesterday, this happens every so often. Sometimes a spot on my palm or fingers will be scratched raw! There are so d*** many that freezing them off is useless. After reading this forum I am confident my doctor will prescribe me Valtrex or similar. I also will try shots if that doesn't work--some antigen is manufactured from yeast or something like that and injected into the largest wart. The immune system then learns to attack the virus.Sign me: Sick unto Death of these Damnable Warts!!!
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  • try using an antifungal creme..i get those sometimes and it helps.
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    • September 3, 2007
    • 06:31 AM
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  • it could be molloscum contagiosum...unpleasant to have. my kids got it somehow, and then my husband...thought they might be chicken pox at first. they were so itchy, filled with a liquid stuff, and a seed that is where the contagious part comes from. my daughter has scars from itching them, and they take a long time to heal. the condition itself is a virus i believe, and can be in your system for months. no medical cure, some herbal treatments. good luck
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  • think i was biting these and they spread to my tongue so how is it not spreadable and it seems with every outbreak they get worse anyway they might be these... http://www.dermnetnz.org/dermatitis/pompholyx.html
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    • November 4, 2009
    • 10:18 AM
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