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desperately needing info!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 5, 2010
  • 02:23 AM

I am 23 and by no means promiscuous so when i was diagnosed with molluscum it was like "wait what?! me?"
to be honest i was a bit angry. i am female and so i had my annual exam in may of this year; at the time i had noticed a couple small bumps in my "area" that looked a bit like razor burn but didnt go away, one of which i had previously picked.it bled easily but i wasnt afraid of a little ingrown hair so i picked at it until the core was removed.that one went away.i was concerned enough at the oddness of it that i left the other alone and later pointed it out to my ob-gyn who told me it didnt look like anything and not to worry about it. by august i had at least 10 more bumps all over the area! again they bled easily and i was freaked i self diagnosed genital warts online(which was a huge mistake dont ever do that you will scare the ***l outta yourself) i went back to her in august and she diagnosed molluscum contagiosum. she said her 'son had it, just be careful not to use the same towel and what not..theres no cure..itll go away in a year..Oh are you still ok on birth control?'

i walked out thinking should i be worried? is this no big deal? no sexual contact for a year?
i looked online and found out just how difficult this can be.i now am on a special diet, im downing vitamins, although i think im already pretty healthy. i mean i eat well and never get sick..and everyone seems to have their own "cure." i am currently trying australian lemon myrtle to no avail yet i have to remind myself ive only used it for a week..but my BIG concern tonight is my scalp and face.i change my bed sheets and pillow cases every ***n night yet i still found a "stubborn" bump on my eyebrow and about three on the toes of one foot as well.i doused them in lemon myrtle which burned, and then i showered using some tea tree soap all over my body including my head, which is now broken out in small red bumps painful to the touch(but again they bleed easily.) im so confused.is it the soap or was there an underlying infection on my head and foot that has just reared its ugly head? my god i shower with plastic gloves on and dry off with paper towels. how much more can i do? bleach is my new best friend. and as much as i should avoid stress i am halfway through the semester in school and working two jobs all the while getting no sleep and feeling like a walking contagium. how can i focus mentally and still get a grip on this thing?

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  • I have had some of your symptoms. Like the bumps on the foot and thinking you had genital warts and the small red bumps on my scalp. I was told the bumps in the genital area were either Bartholomews glands or ingrown hair. And given an antibiotic cream. When the sores on my scalp were driving me crazy ( because every time i combed my hair they would bleed) I went to a dermatologist who said I had cradle cap ( like babies get ) and I was given ketonozole shampoo. Then for the itchy rash on my face I was given steroid cream and ketonozole cream diagnosed as Rosecea and Dermodex mites. And told I'd never get rid of them. So far the dr is right. I still have them but I think it is something quite different. I think it is Spirometra, or sparganum. I am going to try and get a Elisa test done to determine if I have antibodies against the sparganum worm. I also have lumps on my forearms. If someone has these things they say the only way to know is to have an actual specimen removed or to have
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