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Bruising Easily, Healing Slowly, is it a concern?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 3, 2007
  • 02:59 AM

My family and friends are concerned because I bruise very easily. I get fingerprint bruises all the time from my husband, if I bang my knee I will bruise, a mild fall or something of that nature and I will have LARGE bruises that won't go away for almost a month. If I get a scratch/cut they take a LONG time to heal and scars are very painful. Sometimes I complain that if I have a bruise the veins around my bruise radiating from the injury really hurt in an achy way. Sometimes I may have a really large bruise on my back or legs or hip and I won't know what it is from. I bruise from the pressure of the equipment at the gym (leg press for example) if it puts too much pressure on one part of my skin. The weight of a car door closing on me (swaying closed under doors own weight) will leave large bruise on my leg.

I feel fine, but the worry of my friends and family is starting to bother me and I am wondering if maybe it is abnormal. Some friends think there is something wrong with me, and they say that I have poor circulation (hands and feet always cold) and that I should get checked out. I just wanted to check with outsiders to see if what I am experiencing is normal, or abnormal and maybe if it is abnormal what is wrong with me. The growing concern is making me paranoid.

One last example of easy bruising, male friend of mine punched me in the arm jokingly and said "your bruised now" and he was horrified to see three nuckle prints in my arm for the next three weeks. I always have bruises/injuries.

Thanks for your answers.

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  • I've had the same problem in the past, but I was also ill most of the time, really tired all the time and was dizzy all the time. I had checks at the docs, but no luck. But the nurse said at the time that I was just probably low in iron. I thought this fitted cos I wasn't only dieting a lot, but there were some problems there with how much I ate! So because I didn't have the time to keep going to the docs, I started eating loads of red meat. This helped a lot, although I'm annoyed that I've put 2 stone on! But anyway, if you don't eat much red meat or dark green veggies, it's very likely that you're just low on iron! I hope this helped.
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