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Body gone amuck! PLEASE help me!!

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  • March 1, 2009
  • 00:14 AM

I'm not even sure which section this slew of symptoms most rightfully pertains to! I'm going to do this point form so as to not take up oodles of space. If anyone requires further specification I'll be more than overjoyed to oblige!

-I noticed several zit like reddish pimples scattered throughout the upper part of the vulva. They itched and were a little soar. I also experienced some itching and a little soreness around the anus.
-Small itchy skin coloured and relatively firm papules started appearing all over my arms, legs, back, and chest, and later, on my face. They were more severe on my arms and legs. The papules increased in size just a wee bit and they reddened. Itchiness increased over time, and then they started to burn.
-At its peak I noticed tiny and very very discrete splotches with a red hue all over my body. There were also patches of particularly red pores or follicles (though many pores appeared to be enlarged and a little red throughout my body).
-Tiny red specks appeared very sparsely throughout my body.
-Skin also appeared to have faint goose bump-like qualities in some parts. (Some of which were creased)
-More generally skin appeared to be ever so slightly oddly creased (vertically or lined in a particular uniform direction) and crackled/fragmented.
-Most raised bumps were papules but some were a little bigger and circular and some “ulcered” and scabbed over.
-Some had a line scab section instead of circle or otherwise. (One “zit” on my vulva was a line.)
-My entire skin was more sensitive and it was *unusually* easy to leave on imprint on it while lying down etc. It would stay red after scratching.
-Even my scalp was affected! The inside of my ears and nostrils itched. My nostrils appeared to be more easily irritated.
-Faint traces of dried blood would come out of my ears when a cleaned them.
-I had a sore throat without having a cold. It was a weird raw or granulated skin sensation without the feeling of swelling or typical soreness.
-Tiny sunken patches on face.
-Tiny brown splotches
More so at peak I felt this odd dry paint on my skin sensation.

Most of the symptoms have gone but some remain. My skin hasn't been the same since! Upon very close inspection you could see the very odd creasing of skin, skin's still more sensitive but not as much as at peak.
The outer skin symptoms look and behave very much like lymphomatoid papulosis, with certain alterations.
But the second batch of symptoms rules that out entirely.

Initially started to notice joint strain stiffness and numbness sensation (soar throat)
Red circular splotch in toe nail
At first and didn’t last to long I couldn’t sit still or I’d begin to feel stiffness and constraint
But not just stiff joints it’s as if they were more frail; during exercise sessions pressure accumulated at one side and I'd feel the constraint
I felt a pang of deep constricting(pain) at back left thigh
Loss of muscular endurance and more prone to mild bouts palpitation (general fatigue)
There was a faint feeling of numbness throughout my limbs(that would increase with activity) and they fell asleep with remarkable and sporadic ease

(I remember leaning on arm for just a small bit and feeling that constricting sensation)

Partial night sweats
Left butt cheek decreased in size and there are "points" of constraint in the area
Then right butt cheek decreased followed by thighs
gums appeared to shrink as well (within skin phase but lasting)
I’m certain that the inside of my mouth got more pale (within skin phase though and lasting)

Upper thigh pain or tightness

Veins appear to be more visible on legs

I exercised rigorously for a couple weeks during summer and lost 4 pounds. I've been sedentary and I lost 7 pounds around the time that I lost my butt and thigh fat! My arms appeared to be losing fat as well but I'm not sure because it's less a dramatic change.

ØIn first stages of second phase I noticed my mouth was dry and parched no matter how much water I drank
ØI wouldn’t go to bathroom very often either (no dark colour in urine)
ØMusky/metallic taste white tongue in morning seems to be originating from throat
ØVery very swollen lymph node on the left side of throat (where internally it hurt the worse)
ØSoreness got worse when swallowing (My throat looked odd for a sore throat; didn’t look swollen)
ØSaliva sometimes slimy (sometimes I sensed my throat was slimy as well)

I kept having nose bleeds from the same nostril during the second phase. During the outer skin symptoms I had experienced a sense of irritation in that same nostril.

Now this is where it gets weird!!!!

My ex came down with a skin condition as a boy. He use to get these warts or ulcerations on his hands and they use to come and go. On one occasion "it" spread throughout his entire body and symptomatically changed a bit to take on the description of the outer skin symptoms I listed.

He was shocked when I rattled off all of his symptoms without proir knowledge of them. He was shocked because according to a dr. he saw once, aside from being progressive and incurable, it's not supposed to be contagious!!!
**Throughout his life he has never been given any indication that it's contagious under any circumstances!**
I've run out of time, I'll post more info later but the above are the essentials.

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  • I'm too much aware of the fact that all of the above is quite overwhelming an amount of odd information.I would like people to remain very open to the possibility that I may have come down with multiple and even unrelated ailments within the same time period. I decided to post the second slew of symptoms in light of lupus profundus (excuse possible spelling error) and the damage it deals on fat and even muscle tissue. (Not sure about the latter)Still, I'm not taking my chances! The odd thing about this is that my dad also came down with the first "outer skin" wave of symptoms but not the second. His outbreak was a bit more mild than mine. Perhaps it has something to do with initial level of exposure... Perhaps whatever made me susceptible to getting it in the first place is responsible for the second wave... Why did it start and linger on his hands for a good while and then spread whereas it made no such transition with me? (I've actually gotten some mysterious unexplained cuts on my hands.)All I know is that my ex's doctor failed to give a proper name to his condition and that I baffled my doctor with the mere first wave. I'm currently on a waiting list to see a specialist six months from now! I doubt fat and even muscle tissue damage will be easily if at all properly reversible. I don't want to wait six months just so I can baffle professionals once more while this illness progresses. While there's a fair risk of that, I'm not taking any chances.I'd be immensly appreciative if someone could give a suggestion no matter how vague or uncertain. I'll try to research to the best of my abilities but I need some leads. Fellow readers, if you've made it this far, thank you very much for your time!
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