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acne for 1yrs.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 6, 2006
  • 02:36 PM

murad, proactive, antibiotic doesnt work
healthy diet doesnt work
need good doctor in ny
please help

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  • well ivehad the same thing....i used face masks, face peels ,and face cream. dont use soap, drink lots of water, keep from toutching your face, and stay away from chocolate lol. hope that helps./:D
    stormthornnight 16 Replies
    • December 9, 2006
    • 05:00 AM
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  • This is often related to hormones and difficult to treat. Gentle exfoliation with warm water and mild cleanser can help to a degree. Baking soda can be used as a mild exfoliant, but don't get carried away. Hydrogen peroxide can help clean the area, but ask your doctor if it's okay to use it routinely. Sweets very often can make acne worse as bacteria thrive on sugar. Sweets would include all white flour (bread that isn't whole grain), juice, etc. Exercise that makes you sweat can help a lot by cleaning out pores and also by improving your immunity; just make sure you shower and wash your skin afterward. Always, always use a fresh washcloth and pillowcase every day. Keep your hair off your face. Don't brush your face with your hairbrush accidentally, and make sure you wash your hairbrush weekly and disinfect it. Wash linens in hot water. Do not use makeup that is not fairly fresh. Try to use a clean cotton swab to get the makeup out of the bottle instead of your finger so you don't get germs in it. Might be better to go without makeup as I found it could make all the difference. Some medication has tint to add to use it as makeup.I had adult acne for years until I had to start taking a hormone treatment to prevent breast cancer. Now, I have no acne at all. But, I used Retin-A with good success and also clindomycin topically. The downside of Retin-A is that some of it is absorbed and there have been concerns about it building up in your liver or being related to depression. The downside of using an antibiotic is that it can cause yeast problems and is suspected as contributing to breast cancer, though it may be that low immunity causes both infections and breast cancer. So, use them in moderation if your doctor prescribes them.A little sunshine actually can help a lot. I guess it's the UV rays. Don't get carried away as it can cause skin cancer, but some outdoor exercise with sun can help if that's possible where you live and how you live. I used to use tea tree oil soap, which cut my acne infections in half, but I stopped because it's been linked to breast enlargement in boys and to breast cancer stimulation in the laboratory. I have had early stage breast cancer, so I don't want to risk that, and now I don't have an acne problem anymore anyway. Seriously, try not to pick your zits as it really does make the acne worse. And, it's easier to cover up an unbroken zit with makeup than to cover up a bleeding mess. Eventually, the zits do go away even if others come to replace them. A hot washcloth held to the face for a few minutes, refreshing as necessary to keep it hot but not scalding, can help too. It softens things to make them easier to scrub away gently, and it also improve circulation and gets things too hot for the bacterial. Better circulation gets white blood cells there to attack the germs.I wish you all the best. Remember, this is probably not permanent, but scars from picking can be. Get through it and keep looking for good solutions without magnifying the issue as more important than it is.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 17, 2006
    • 09:18 AM
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  • Consider polycystic ovarian syndrome. Also, maybe you haven't found the right antibiotic yet. I had to try several.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 25, 2006
    • 00:44 PM
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