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shoulder blade pain coming from neck

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  • Posted By: janesquest
  • March 17, 2007
  • 09:48 PM

hello. i am am a 46 yo female who fell and tore her rotator cuff and dislocated her shoulder. i had the scope surgery to correct the injuries. for 2 days after the surgery i had improvement. on the morning of the 3rd day i woke up and wondered what floor in ***l i had entered :) (i have to laugh i have cried way too much) the pain was intense. it is now at the same level it was presurgically. the pain was in my shoulder blade area when i had the surgery as the last thing i said to my surgeon was please look at the back of my shoulder something is wrong back there as well. he told me he thought it was displaced pain but would look. he found nothing worng with my shoulder blade during the surgery. i go back to him and he injects my shoulder balde with steroids and some kind of numbing agent. he tells me it will immedialtely work. it doesn't. he then tells me he wants to do a cat scan to look at my neck but first he's going to xray my neck in his office. he comes back, puts the xray up and i even i with my limited medical knowledge don't know what i am seeing but know it is not right. he tells me i need a cat scan and that the 3 discs are damaged, but he thinks the damage occured over time and the fall i took exasperated it. my problem is that i can not sit or stand,although sitting is worse. if i try to sit my shoulder explodes in pain after about 5 minutes and i have to lay down. ice does not help, heat does not help percocet es only takes half of the pain away. of the 3 discs the first one on the xray looks as if it was sticking out twice as far as the other 2, and the other 2 didn't look right either. i also have a lump (for lack of a better word) in my neck to the left of the discs that are damaged. a couple of months ago i told my husband it felt like my neck was not strong enough to hold up my head. i made a dr appt but cancelled it beacuse i thought they would think i was crazy if i went in to tell them that. when i am sitting if i take my hand and brace my head by supporting my jaw the pain is about 70 percent better. has anyone ever heard of symptoms like this and what was done for it? i am not willing to have surgery on my neck.

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  • Sounds like you are having dreadful pain! Have you thought about acupuncture to help with this? It can be extremely helpful for neck pain and post surgery pain. It also helps promote healing along the spine. It is more than just pain management. Depending on how long you have been experiencing this pain, it may take a few treatments before you see results. Also chiropractic may be helpful in realigning the neck. To find a practitioner near you please visit www.acufinder.com they have a database of practitioners all over the world.Best wishes.DOM
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  • postoperative brachial neuritis?
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  • Jane, you need to see a nurosurgeon and have a MRI pronto. You are at risk for total paralysis with the neck condition you discribe. I am wearing a neck collar now while awaiting neck surgery.
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  • I sure hope you've done something by now. I agree that you need to see a orthopedic surgeon or neurosurgeon. I had a similar problem and let it go - I ended up in surgery and had a disc removed ( the disk is the meaty bit between the vertabrae (bones)) and the vertabrae fused. More than one disc being damaged is SERIOUS. If you're not in a neck colllar now - you need to get into one now!If the discs (remember the discs are the meaty bits) aren't seriously damaged, they can straighten you up in P/T through chiropractic adjustments.The longer you wait, the worse it will be... the pain you have now is the nerves being pinched by the meaty bits (discs) squeezing them... if you let it go too long, the nerves will be damaged, and you may end up with permanent nerve damage or pain that won't go away. By letting it go, you're also causing damage to the muscles the nerves control.Sorry if this isn't what you want to hear, but, that's the way it goes.
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