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yeast infection maybe? or possibly worse?

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  • Posted By: jaimemonbebe
  • July 16, 2007
  • 06:54 AM

hi, im not quite sure if this is a yeast infection. but i really doubt it can be anything worse like an std because ive only had sex with 2 guys before. one of which was years ago, and he was clean, he also got me pregnant with my daughter and then ran away, and the second is my bf now who is i know is clean. so im ruling that out. i have an irritation, not in my actually vagina, but on my vulva, the sides of that area, it feels kinda sore like maybe it got scratched somehow, and i think it has a bit of a sore on it, but it could also be a scratch, so anyways, it feels like one side is scratched up a bit by who knows what, cant be the sex, its never done that, and anyways, it itches though, and then i get a cloudy discharge, i wouldnt call it white, more of a greyish cloudy color, and its thick, but not clumpy or cottage cheesy. and thats what it looks like when its fresh out of my vagina, but when its been built up a little on the sides, then it dries out a little and turns white. and then it itches more.
another thing, when i clean it off, at the entrance of my actual birth canal area, like around the circle lets say,and on the outside of my urethra, there are a few spots here and there were still white, like the build up and i try to wipe it off and it wouldnt come off. it was as if parts of my skin or vagina tissue down there had turned white. but later i kinda pulled at it and it came off after a lot of trying it get it off. the best way to describe it is, you know when you get a scab, and then you go in the pool or take a bath and it turns white? and its still there and attached? and even when you pick it off theres still some around the area where there shoould be scab, like surrounding the wound? it was like that, like the surrounding, like it was skin that was scratched up and then irritated and then tried to heal but was too moist and needed to come off.
i also aroudn this same time started using a different body wash. same brand as my old one just a different scent. a very strong orange-y scent and i thought maybe that irritated it. today i used a different body wash and it has been less itchy.

so maybe thats it?
but would that cause all of that?
maybe somehow i cut or scratched that area, and with the soap caused a big irritation?
but why the discharge? and why the white scabby like things, that isnt where it was sore and irritated like i talked about earlier?
i am totally past due on a doctor visit, dont have insurance but might soon, so i will go, but its still good to try to find out ahead of time if anyone has had anything similar or knows what htis is.
oh also, i put some vagisil on it for the itchyness, and it burned.

ok well thanks to anyone who actually reads all that, and im sorry it was so long.

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  • I suggest a doctors visit as soon as u can! Over the counter creams for itching really only mask the problem it.Sounds like u may have some type of vaginal infection. I have been suffering with something similar for about 4yrs now and i have tried everything under the sun. Catch it now before its too late and u continue to have recurrent of chronic issues
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  • Sounds like you have an infection of some sort. You should go to a doctor as soon as possible. If you're waiting until you have insurance you could try an over the counter yeast medicine like Gynelotrimin (however you spell it). Just be sure and get a seven day treatment. They aren't as harsh as the one or three day treatments, and it sounds like your skin is very irritated. Also, try using Tide for Sensitive Skin laundry detergent and Dove soap. The soaps/detergents that are lesss harsh seem to help me some. Hope this helps!
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