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Vaginal Itching & Watery Discharge

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  • Posted By: fingerscrossed1989
  • September 8, 2010
  • 02:42 AM

Sooo here's my story: about a month and a half ago I started having some vaginal itching and thought it was a yeast infection. I'm in college so I went to my student health center, which doesn't have the best reputation, but it was the only place I could get to quickly - they confirmed this and gave me some diflucan. Two days later I started having some burning from urination, it felt like a UTI, so I went back and they put me on antibiotics. Meanwhile the yeast seemed to be going away, after the antibiotics the burning started to go away too, but then the yeast came back.

So then I tried a bunch of different things - I went through a couple courses of Monistat and diflucan, and each time it seemed to go away, but then every time I had alcohol it would come back - finally I just did another course of Monistat and didn't drink for two weeks, and it seemed to clear up except for a little bit of itching - but that concerned me so I went back to the health center to see if they could test it. My sex partner's ex, I recently found out, had HPV and oral herpes, so I was concerned about both of those, but they said they couldn't do an HPV test without a pap and I would have to wait for this thing to clear up first (from what I've read about symptoms I doubt this is from HPV anyway). So they ran tests for yeast, BV, chlamydia, and gonnorhea, and told me to come back a few days later for a herpes test.

Meanwhile my symptoms had worsened and were different than before - I still had itching, but had also developed this watery discharge that was sometimes clear and sometimes yellowish. When I came back for the herpes test they said I tested negative for yeast and BV, but seemed to think it was BV anyway when I mentioned the new symptoms and put me on clindamycin. I've now taken that for seven days and the symptoms are not as severe but they are definitely still there, and I just heard back today that I am also negative for both chlamydia and gonnorhea. Still waiting on the herpes test...

I think it really was a yeast infection at first, but possibly I've had this other thing at the same time as well, or it popped up right after I got the yeast to go away? Idk, from what I've been reading herpes can cause a watery discharge but I don't have any of the other symptoms of herpes (sores, etc.) Also since the clindamycin did have a little bit of an effect I'm wondering if it is bacterial after all, just a different type of bacteria or something. It doesn't sound like anything else I've read about.

I'm probably going back to the health center in a few days in hopes that they'll give me a referral somewhere that can take me quickly - I did find a gynecologist in the area but couldn't get an appointment till the end of the month, and the Planned Parenthood clinic near me says they don't have a physician at the moment (??) so I don't really have another doctor to go to...

Any ideas what else this could be? Or any suggestions on finding a good doctor I can see quickly, maybe at an on call center or something??

Thanks :)

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