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Testicular cancer worries

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  • Posted By: canabia664
  • June 21, 2011
  • 05:52 PM

11 months ago I got a testicular ultrasound done due to a right sided varicocele (varicose vein in scrotum along the spermatic cord). Right sided varicoceles are very rare, but mine still hasnt really been evaluated as of why it is there besides weak blood flow in that area. But I have a family member with the same purple vein on the right side teste and he got checked and it was completely normal, he had nothing wrong with him, it just showed up on its own. So when my U/S results came back the printed diagnosis said

The images show two testes with normal morphology, homogeneous echogenicity, unable to detect focal lesions, or abnormal changes in texture.
Under the Valsalva maneuver, and application of color Doppler did not identify changes in vascularity.
It identifies a small left testicle hydrocele
Consultation with a urologist is recommended

found out what a hydrocele was and found out my stepdad had one removed because it bother him alot and was very painful but that if it was bothering me or hurting then I didnt need to remove it. So I never actually saw a urologist.

Now 11 months later I came across a small pimple sized bump on the mid top of my left testicle. I say pimple size cause it is the size of a zit, like the maybe 3/4 or 1/2 the size of a sesame seed. It is really small, I wouldnt of ever touched it if I wasnt fiddling around with my scrotum to check for lumps. I cant really move it around its too small, and it is not on the sack it is actually inside the sack and attached to the actual surface of the teste. This worries me. But its not all painless, the bump it self doesnt really hurt but when i touch it or look for it and feel around my left ball it starts to hurt like a dull pain from my testes up to my stomach. Much like the pain of a varicocele which i have on my right side (not in pain anymore since 11m ago when i got U/s & prescribe medication). Im really nervous because I hear most lumps, speckles, or pimple like object on surface of testicle and not scrotum, spermatic cord or epididmys has a very high rate of being TC. But im hoping its just the hydrocele very mini but im not sure if its possible for it to be on the testicle. Or a cyst which again I am not sure if it is possible for it to be on the surface of the testicle. Or just an injury or natural bump on the penis or even a calcium buildup ive been hearing about. I hear TC is a lump on the teste that is usually painless. Like I said mine is associated with mild pain but it still concerns me very much. Could a TC tumor or lump grow or be noticeable in 11 months? because the U/s didnt detect cancer only a slight hydrocele. But is it possible if i did have TC that it would be feelable in 11 months? Please any answers help. Im pretty nervous and dont have money to or insurance to go the hospital or doctor.

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