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Strange persistant skin activity --- herpes? Staph?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 25, 2008
  • 11:53 PM

For the last 2 and 1/2 months (mid february '08 - no end in sight), I have had lasting outbreaks of different sorts around the base of my penis. This is the first time I have experienced such an outbreak, although I cannot confirm that I have never had similar very mild outbreaks in the past. This situation is quite unique, however, and obviously bothersome. I will now describe to the best of my ability all aspects of my 'condition'.

Initial symptoms:
- Pimple-like thing, which looked, to the best of my knowledge, like a large whitehead that one might get on his face. Not on penis; in pubic region.

Pimple had very minor, isolated skin inflammation
No pain, itching, or irritation associated
At about the same time, two red dots, looking like ordinary folliculitis appeared in different spot near penis base
I popped the main "whitehead", and let out some liquid, which I believe was clear but do not recall exactly. I did this a second time as well, being that the thing re-filled. This happened no more than a few days following the first popping.At first I was not concerned, but I began to notice more, extremely minor dotish-things around penis, and investigated online. I immediately became frantic about herpes, being I had sex with a few girlfriends unprotectedly. My current girfriend goes to school literally 1000 miles away from me, so we barely get to see eachother, but when we do, we have tons of unprotected sex. As far as I know we are both monogamous. She also has a recurring staph infection, which has shown up on different areas of her body.

So not to digress, I went to a health center near my university where they specifically test for STDs. I have a visual exam, and the nurse said she didn't think it was herpes, and that she would be very surprised if it was, although obviously a visual diagnosis isn't final. I had other main STDs tested for in blood and urine tests, which were negative. I then went to my family doctor to get another opinion and be tested. He visually said he didn't think so, but did a culture on the original 'whitehead' for both herpes and staph. At this point that pimple-like thing was still obviously there, but also appeared to me to be dried up. Both cultures came back negative, which left me just as lost, but trying to become hopeful. After a little while, I noticed an extremely small spot of little bumps on the side of the head of my penis, right where the shaft begins to form into the head. I believe this hardly noticable spot had been there at least since the very beginning, around the time I noticed the original pimple thing. Anyways, as time went on, my symptoms began to change shape slowly. The original pimple went away, but in its location there are still random little things going on, even today. Also, there was a very large (probably just about the size of a typical Ibuprofen pill, maybe slightly bigger) folliculitis-looking thing with fair inflammation around it, which was on my scrotum, close to my pubic area. This did not look like anything that I have ever seen anywhere near my penis, although it also did not look at all like a herpes lesion. It was rather strange, but had a distinct point where there was a hair attempting to grow, thus making me think of an infected case of folliculitis. This thing was alone, and was also not painful or anything. I want to say it that remained for just over a week. Since then, I continued to have some reddish pimple-like things, which do not hurt, or even tend to irritate me besides when i think too hard about them. These 'pimples' have stayed true to the spot where the original whitehead appeared, but there are also a few random ones, of different sizes and colors around my pubic region. I have not noticed anything very suspicious on the shaft of my penis in hairless areas, with the exception of that one tiny spot tangent to my head which I spoke of earlier. That spot remains, and although it really is barely anything, it is been bothersome simply because it is the only thing I have noticed outside of where hair grows. It is also worth noting, for the sake of a staph infection, that I shaved the spot, and only the spot, where the original whitehead appeared back when I first went to the health center, and that may be the reason why that location has been persistant. I also have shaved my entire pubic region more recently to have a closer look at everything, and that could also possibly explain why the pimple things continue, since staph tends to come out after shaving near an infected region. My gf has been experiencing almost the same things I have, only she is convinced 100% that hers is staph, and also believes mine is. We have performed oral sex on eachother several times unprotectedly while these pimple things have been on our privates, and have experienced no signs of spreading to face, throat, mouth, etc. We also both have skin colored bumps which are quite small and are almost mixed in with the red dot things. Also, the very first symptoms appeared after we had sex in a jacuzzi that turned out to be quite dirty. I do not recall having anything from that, but I do recall my gf's symptoms first appearing on her at that time. She is certain that I also had these symptoms then as well, claiming I had a bunch of little red dots all over my privates (not shaft or head) right after that jacuzzi, although I do not remember noticing anything on me, which isn't a huge surprise. I have not had any lymph node swelling around my groin that I can notice, and I do know where they are and what not. I have had my glands behind my tonsils swell up, but that is something that happens to me several times a year, so it's not unusual at all, nor did it occur at the same time as the strange bumps. Also worth noting is the fact that this outbreak, if it is herpes, would almost not possibly be my first outbreak. If this is herpes, I believe that I would have had contracted it somewhere between 5 months and a little more than a month before this started. During this time period I suffered virtually no sicknesses, and was actually in better health than maybe any winter in memory. Lastly, I believed this to be staph when I discovered a hard white protrusion attached to the cartilage inside my left nostril. My gf immediately told me that this rather large (a tad smaller than your typical mardi gras bead) protrusion was definitely staph, being that she had one very much like it in the same spot which had to be drained during one of her staph infections. I showed the doctor, and he did not seem concerned, but did agree it was some type of staph, just not infected. I took some low antibiotics to try to hassen my recovery, but it did not appear to be very effective. I still have this thing in my nose today, and I tried to pop it, but it was quite hard, so I decided to wait til I leave school and can get my hands on a pin or something.

Well, thank you for reading all of this, I believe I have not left anything significant out. Basically, I have a strange assortment of whitehead, red, and skin colored bumps/pimple-like things around my pubic region, and doctors don't seem to know what it is, and I would really like to find out. Basically, if it's not herpes, I'm happy. I have done extensive research on STDs and herpes, as well as looked quite a bit into staph infections these last 2 1/2 months, but my condition doesn't seem to fit any criteria exceptionally well. Does anyone have any advice to offer or ideas? I need help on this situation. Thank you.

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  • Both you and your girlfriend need to get the herpes 2 blood test. It does re-appear at the same place so would explain why it came back at the same spot. Don't ever accept "visuals" as a diagnosis. If your scrapings were too old, they would not be valid. Men can have herpes for years without any symptoms and then break out 5 months or 5 years after the exposure, so it really doesn't matter. You sound like you are rationalizing why it can't be herpes. Of course, no one wants it, but you need to know to protect others. You really have something that isn't normal, now, don't you? Did they give you the syphilis blood test (I doubt that it is that--but you get a rash with syphilis, too).I don't think this is staph on your part, maybe your GF has it. You could have molluscum, which you can catch at bath houses. But I don't think that just goes away. The fact that it comes and goes in the same spot indicates a herpes virus. There are also false negatives but not false positives. See what both of your blood work turns up.
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  • Me and my gf have very similar looking conditions that behave in basically the same way, thus I believe what she has is likely what I have. Also, yes I am trying to rationalize not having herpes since virtually everyone I go to tell me they don't believe I have it, despite, in my opinion, obvious symptoms. I have read cases of herpes not breaking out in people for years, so I know this possibility, but I find it very unusual that my symptoms have been so enduring, and, despite the things do scab or something, they are not bothersome physically. I have not received a blood test for HSV2 because both doctors and the two nurses I have seen tell me that the test could be positive even if I've had cold sores in the past, the test would come up positive because it only tests for antibodies, not the infection itself. I have also read accounts of people testing positive in a blood test and finding out the results were false. I only respond with this for clarifying purposes, I appreciate the comment. Also, I tested negative for syphillis. It may also be worth noting that, while some of the irritation appears to reincarnate itself, some things have simply remained throughout this time. I agree that I need more testing, and hopefully my posting isn't vein. Thank you for the response monsterlove. I have one additional question also, that I cannot seem to answer with information online: If both partners have hsv2, is it bad to have unprotected sex, being that the virus already exists in both persons?
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  • My gf and I have the same condition it would seem, so one would probably not be different than the other. Also, if this is herpes, and we both have it, than is there any problem with having unprotected sex? It is not syphilis, I took that blood test. Also, some of these things go away while others are forming, but others have remained mostly unchanged since 'about' the start, i.e. at least 2 months ago. I will get the HSV2 blood test done, but the reason I have not done so yet is because both the nurses and both the doctors I have seen told me that blood tests can pick up herpes antibodies from unrelated cold sores one may have had in the past, thus providing results that are sometimes falsely positive. Thoughts? Thank you for the response monsterlove
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  • Hi,You can't listen to those people. What you don't want is the combo herpes 1/2 blood work. You need just the herpes 2, igm/igg test--both of you. If you both come back positive; then you guys are positive. There are false negatives, but not false positives because you are not getting the combo blood test. The doctor needs to look up the code for just the herpes 2. Yes, I believe you have the symptoms and I don't know why the medical profession is so totally moronic about testing for herpes 2. Yes, the issue is if you have sex with someone who has herpes, you can then get the virus in another nerve (dermatone). They always pop up about the same place and let's say a woman always gets it on her thigh and has sex with a man with herpes, then she gets it on her cervix or her butt...although you can't re-catch it, you spread it to other areas and one area is enough to contain, so I would use condoms all the time, although you can't rubberize a butt or thigh.
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