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Severe Period Pain? Fainting, vomiting, tingling? PCOS?

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  • Posted By: Loza595
  • May 6, 2013
  • 02:07 PM

Hi there,

I really need some help with what's been going on whenever i get my period.

Ever since i got my first period when I was 12, i have experienced severe pain everytime. The first time i fainted and i have fainted about 4 times since then, but not recently. On the first day of my period i usually get severe cramps and also vomit practically everytime i get it. The cramps and pain last for about 4-5 hours and usually i have to resort to lying in bed and taking painkillers which doesn't help that much. I also usually break out in a cold sweat and the pain in my stomach sort of comes in waves.

My last period was one of the worst i have had. When the pain started, unfortunately i was on the bus home and i began sweating and went very pale and had an excruciating pain in my stomach. I could tell i was going to be sick so i got off and ended up vomiting in the bathroom of a shopping centre and felt very ill. I called my mum to come pick me up and when we were driving home, the cramps continued and i was in tears because of the pain. I also had this weird tingling/ pins and needles in my hands and legs for about 30 mins in the car which i have never had before. When i got home i went to bed and suddenly became very cold and was shivering in bed… the pain went after about 3 hours but it was really bad while it lasted.

I am also thinking i may have PCOS… i have acne, excess body hair and very irregular periods (as long as 50 days and as short as 20). Do you think you could help me out? What may i have and how can it be fixed? I am thinking about going to the doctor next week to get a diagnosis… what should i say to them about what i have been experiencing?

Sorry for the lonf post hahaa, just really need sone help! Thanks :D

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  • Hello,PCOS don't causes pain. Your story and your symptoms match exactly the symptoms described by women who have Endometriosis.Most of the women who have Endometriosis, had the early menarche (1st menstruation at 11's yo or 12) and severe cramps and vomiting.I have Endometriosis and I read many testimonials from women who have, and almost all of them have the same history of pain since 11's.I'm 25 years old, i had my 1st period at 11's also with severe pain (until now) and vomiting, but it was just during my period. I just discovered that i have endometriosis at 24 years old.I started doing pelvic ultrasounds since I was 17's and nothing was found. At 22's I was diagnosed with PCOS (nothing serious...). I have acne and hair also. At 24's my pain got worse and lasted for a few days beyond my period. At that time I did 3 pelvic ultrasounds with different doctors and the doctors keep saying "you have PCOS, nothing more... blablabla". However PCOS don't cause pain.So I did a research on the internet and I thought I might have endometriosis and I went to a specialist - a regular gynecologist can not detect endometriosis in most cases!So I did another ultrasound with a gynecologist and he found ovarian cyts (endometriosis cyts, not normal cysts). Just endometriosis cysts causes pain. I was really outraged because the other doctors have not seen this before in ultrasounds. So, I recommend that you consult a specialist in endometriosis, just to see if you may or may not have that. I don't know how old are you, but if at the time you do not have nothing in an ultrasound, continue to see a specialist until your menopause, because you have the symptoms of endometriosis and history features.I recommend Nimesulide substance (anti-inflammatory drug) for your cramps. you have to take a few hours before you start to feel pain.
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