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  • Posted By: japetto
  • July 2, 2007
  • 00:39 PM

About a month ago while swimming in the ocean I experienced a sharp pain in the tip of my penis, near the urethra. Upon returning home, I notice one to two small red lines, or welts near the tip that I had assumed were either a small jelly fish sting, or something related to a sting. This was accompanied by slight abdominal pain and burning in the urethra during urination or ejaculation. I immediately went to my local doctor to be checked out. That physician said it could be a UTI or an inflammed prostate. She put me on antibiotics for a month.

A month went by and neither the burninng pain, nor the marks disappeared, wherein I then went to get a full STD check to see if I had a larger problem than first thought. All STD tests returned negative. Nor was there any sign of heroes of lesions. The physician giving me the physical said that the irritation around the opening of the urethra, and the burning did not show any signs of STD, but that there could be a skin / fungal infection, wherein she prescribed me some ointment to rub into the skin for 10 days.

Needless to say, its now been two months. The pain during urination and ejaculation are still there. The slight redness and irritation around the opening of the urethra, along with the small red lines, are still there, the discomfort in my lower abdomen comes and goes.

Does anyone have any idea or thoughts on this?

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  • So have you ellimated the jelly fish??? Did they do a herpes 2 blood test?
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  • Well I am assuming if it was a sting, it wouldn't still be here a month and a half later. They took blood, tested me for HIV..Syphyllis, ***m. Gohn. But not sure if Herpes 2 was done. They did a visual physical exam in which the physician stated that after looking at the area, I did not show any signs of an STD. That coupled with the fact that aside from the pinching pain, and the swollen area around the opening of the urethra, I did not have any of the normal signs. In that there has been zero discharge, no itching, no blisters or even spreading of the irritated area. I'm almost tempted to go back and have the clinic run the herpes test just so I can be 100 percent sure that I am free of all that stuff, prior to going back to my family doctor and trying to get to the bottom of the problem once I know.It hasn't gotten any worse, but it hasn't really improved either. It does not come and go, its a consistent condition that does not appear to spread and unfortunately doesn't appear to be going away.any ideas? should I get the herpes 2 test done? Even though the physician said there was no signs?So have you ellimated the jelly fish??? Did they do a herpes 2 blood test?
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  • i dont know if these exsist in the ocean but i know that in the amazon there are parasitic fish that if you urinate in the water they will swim up your urethra and cause damage and can be very dangerous. though im sure they dont exist in the ocean, but maybe something similar? maybe somehow you got some kind of parasite that went in? have they dont like scans? or looked inside?i dont know, im no help, just trying to think of it. you would think that a jelly fish sting would be gone by now, so maybe it was a different animal, maybe something bit you?i dont know, hope it gets better. just keep going back to the doctors i guess.
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