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really really odd and embarrassing, please help

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  • Posted By: polomint
  • March 13, 2008
  • 00:06 AM

:confused: Hi, I was suspected to have endometreosis when I was 16 even though this has never been proven. I am now 20 and have the same symptoms as I did at 16. These include rather embarrassing things... I've been getting a tingling in my vagina which at first seemed to extend to my anus and gives me a horrible nervous feeling. It also seems to cause me to feel constantly wet down there which I find quite embarrassing... It is almost like I am constantly feeling turned on, but not, and have no control over this :( when I had this before they just suspect a water infection but medication never helped and then thrush which medication never helped either. When they believed it might be endometreosis they put me on the depo provera which seemed to illiminate the symptoms although I am still on that and now getting the symptoms again. I'm also getting back and abdominal pains which I think must be due to me tensing all the time in a reaction to what I'm feeling. I'm worried whether I have vaginal paresthesia... or even worse persistent genital arousal syndrome :(
Please help me with this embarrassing problem, I feel like I'm the only one...

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  • what about herpes 2? get a blood test for it, you don't need to break out to have it..
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  • I am glad I came across this post. I have very similar symptoms....and indeed it does seem quite embarrasing....especially the constantly turned on part without having control over it. I also have a rectal pressure and abdominal pain. My doctor says he "thinks" it is endometriosis, and has started me on Synarel to put me into a temporary menopause. Only thing is, is that I have read a ton on endo and have not read anywhere that it causes the vaginal symptoms you described and that I also experience. Unfortunately my symptoms have progressively gotten worse over the last year, to the point where sitting and lying down are becoming unbearable. I don't know what it is, but my suggestion to you is to go back to your doctor and tell him/her exactly what you are experiencing....no matter how embarrassing it is to you....remember that they have heard everything including things way weirder and more embarrassing than this. If you don't, it may get worse. And you probably don't have any "persistent genital arousal syndrome"...probably just something that is irritating it causing it to do that. Good luck and be well.(and I KNOW I don't have herpes, as MonsterLove suggested, or any other STD for that matter!!!)
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  • So you're a virgin? Sorry, didn't know, otherwise, you'd need a blood test to rule out herpes 2 and other stds. Half of the people who have it have no symptoms or rash; you do have one of the symptoms.
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  • I mentioned the similar symptoms due to both possibly having endometriosis, and there possibly being a connection.....wasn't disregarding your herpes suggestion....just trying to provide her more info. But, as for me, not a virgin, but smart enough to know to get tested....and you just assumed that polomint was sexually active???? Could be a virgin....might be a good idea to ask something like that before suggesting someone go off and get a blood test for nothing. And, wouldn't a better suggestion be to see a doctor, instead of offering a "diagnosis"....polomint already seems worried enough and you go and add another possible disease on top of what she thinks she already has. And don't a lot of diseases/disorders share symptoms? Whichever the "one" symptom that you were referring to that is a symptom of herpes is most likely a symptom of a whole array of other diseases/disorders as well (wrongdiagnosis.com has 27 symptoms listed for herpes, all of which are also symptoms of something else...hhmmmm...). Why pinpoint that specific one?! What about the OTHER symptoms that both her and I mentioned that actually could point towards it being something else? You know, on second thought, you're probably right. Those other symptoms are pretty insignificant, and everyone does have herpes, so that is probably what it is.
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  • "I've been getting a tingling in my vagina which at first seemed to extend to my anus and gives me a horrible nervous feeling."That statement lead me to believe it may be connected to the herpes virus. The site has diagnosis in the title. She discusses and writes like a mature adult and not a child. Most doctors do not do herpes/syphilis tests and it leaves people without a diagnosis, when all they need to do is order a test. Even STD clinics don't do herpes tests. Considering 1 in 4 women have it, but many don't know that they have it, we can conclude that with a symptom of tingling in the vagina, that the woman needs a herpes test, unless she is a virgin or has not had oral sex. Kids will respond with, "I'm a kid". I am a firm believer that in order to find out what a person really has, you need to find out what they don't have.
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