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Possible HIV infection?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 23, 2007
  • 01:24 AM

Hi, I need answers, I've spoken with only one other person about this problem and we are scheduled to get it checked out in about a week, unfortunately anxiety is making things much worse for me and I can't bear it, so here I am, asking for some friendly strangers advice.

I've read up on many, many articles about HIV and AIDS and believe if anyone, I should be the one knowing what is going on with my own body.
Somewhere between November and early december this woman and I had intercourse, it was protected of course, I did not reach climax. I noticed no signs of her being infected, other than maybe pale skin, of course she's not one to go out in the sun too often anyways. Now I have to say that alcohol was involved, in-fact back then alcohol was big for me, being a young man and all, just in case if this could be a factor, maybe backing up hepatitis or some other disease. After that I had not seen her for about 2-3weeks and all was fine, I had no symptoms other than feeling just a bit unexercised, maybe weaker, but not really notable, (though around the time of intercourse I worked out daily, at this time I did not) and other than that I felt great. 2-3weeks later we had another rendevou and about a week later I noticed my skin around the base of my penis and above was breaking out, this I have diagnosed myself and I now know that I am infected with genital herpes, though I was told by another person it was just crabs, so I dismissed the thought and my anxiety was gone. About a month later I had another outbreak, a lot less serious this time thus I knew.
Around the beginning of January of this year I started feeling a bit weak, but yet again I dismissed it as not getting enough exercise. At the beginnning of february I started to have hot flashes at night, and I just now am beginning to think that they were caused by sleep anemia, because I sometimes sleep with heavy blankets over my head, and my breathing is then a bit heavier, not to mention it makes the air under there a lot warmer. Around the same time I noticed that the left gland right beside my jawbone was swollen, honestly I believethat I had an ear infection at the time, unfo I am not positive, but it went away within the week. The hot flashes continued, though It seems they have gone away for the most part. Other than this, I have found that I have trouble knwoing when my blatter is full, I do not get an urge to pee, my stomach just kinda feels like it has a bit of tension there. Last week I finally got enough money to get my internet connection as well as a mmo (massively multiplayer online-game) and I got it, because of this I have been staying up and not getting enough rest, right now I am beyond weakened, sometimes I wonder how I am still living, it is like I have absolutely no energy to move my limbs, though I do anyways. This is when I had cause for concern and began looking up information and the symptoms of HIV, this last week has been nearly ***l for me, at one point my hands started trembling since I was getting so worked up. This last week I have also noticed that I have had nearly constant muscle twitching, varying from the wrist(thumb, and fingers movement) eyebrow, calves, outer thigh, abdomen. The eyebrows, thumb and calves I learned twitching is indeed a sign of anxiety and stress. I was ready to dismiss it all though, because I had no sore throat, or rashes, nor a dry cough or cough of any kind for that matter. Just a day ago my face started to begin fealing flushed, and warm. The back of my fingers turn somewhat salmon colored at times, but it dissappears! I feel no rash on my hands, but I can sometimes see it. What is worse is that I now find that between my buttox and leg I have a mild rash, though it only lines the crease. As far as my groin lymph glands go, yes there are swollen, though this is due to the herpes I believe. I am deathly worried that things will get worse, though sometimes I can let it go, others I get all out of shape over it. I know the best thing to do right now is to just now be stressed, but I cannot help it to a certain degree. Right now things are at it's worse as far as my mental state goes, I have read up on it and so far I believe that there is no rash that can be caused by stress, that I believe is the key to dianosis.

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  • pardon all of my errors too, hehe, my keyboard really must be cleaned, awaiting a reply.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • February 23, 2007
    • 02:26 AM
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  • First of all it sounds like you are a slight if not serious hypochondriach, half of your symptoms sound like they are arrising from stress alone!! You may not even have herpes, if you did you would know for sure, from what I have heard it is so painful you can't function. You must go to a doctor to determine it and get on medication to maintain future outbreaks. As for the HIV, you would not be having symptoms so soon!! People go years without even knowing they are infected because there are NO Symptoms most of th time. In addition, to even accurately test for it you have to wait atleast three months since having had intercourse with the girl. Here is my advice. Go to the doctor and stop obsessing!! It won't help a thing.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • February 26, 2007
    • 06:53 AM
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