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PID or something else?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 15, 2007
  • 01:27 AM

This is my third post here and I really hope that someone can give me some advice because I’m back at square one and don’t know what to do.

For those that are interested, you can find out more by reading my other posts, "UTI's, Ovarian Cysts and L.Q.Abdominal Swelling" and "Gerd, possible IBS & female symptoms?". For everyone else’s sake, I’ll try to keep this brief.

In April 2006, during my annual Gyn exam, I complained of symptoms of a Urinary Tract Infection. Doc insisted I be tested for STD’s as the culprit, which wasn’t the problem and tests confirmed that. Five days shy of a month later I was back in the doctor’s office with the same symptoms. This time I was given a three day antibiotic and sent home. Another month later I was back in her office complaining about the lack of treatment I was receiving. Long story short, I found a new doctor and started the process all over again.
In July of 2006 I was taken into the local Urgent Care because the symptoms wouldn’t go away, plus there was the addition of several other symptoms which had started to worry me (instant bloating AS I ate, irregular bowel movements, periods etc). My urine was tested and I was sent home with a prescription for an antibiotic. Couldn’t fill the antibiotic because the pharmacy refused to fill it if it was written by that specific doctor (don’t know why) so I had to wait to get another called in. In the meantime I called a few days later to get the results of their Urinalysis and was given several different answers’ ranging from it was ok to there was something wrong. Eventually they just said they weren’t sure if it was right or not and assumed it had been contaminated somehow.
Immediately went to another doctor who finally started taking me seriously and sent me to have three ultrasounds done. The results of those indicated numerous ovarian cysts, one possibly hemorrhagic, and some fluid noted in the cul-de-sac and along side one of my ovaries. That was in mid July of 2006.
In the meantime I had developed a lump in my right breast which I also had to get an Ultrasound of, as well as a Mammogram, which led to the Fine Needle biopsy (it wasn’t cancerous and didn’t need to be removed unless I just wanted it removed).
In November of 2006 I was sent for another ultrasound and the cysts were gone, but my symptoms had continued to worsen. I had gone from 98lbs to 84lbs (now I’m only back up to 92lbs) but my clothes were getting too small because I was still getting bigger around for some reason. I had a very hard time eating because I would bloat with every bite which made me feel full all the time. Now I just have no appetite whatsoever because I either feel sick to my stomach all the time or it just hurts for no reason.
Since the beginning of 2007 I have seen numerous specialists from GI doctors to kidney doctors, as well as my primary care doctor and Ob/Gyn. I’ve had an EGD, Colonoscopy, Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy and all sorts of tests done and their still not telling me anything useful.
EGD & Colonoscopy confirmed gastric reflux and possibly IBS, but won’t know until my GI doctors goes over what my Ob/Gyn found. The other procedures confirmed… I don’t know what. My Ob/Gyn said it’s PID, but he seems floored by the fact that I don’t have any STD’s, I know, they have insisted on testing me now three times since this started. But during my first follow-up visit he said all sorts of things that he’s trying to back peddle on now and I’m not sure why. He said it’s PID, but doesn’t know what caused it and my primary care doctor said he should be able to tell us. He also mentioned there was a test to confirm that the infection is cleared, but at a later appointment denied ever saying that. I’ve got the pictures from the procedure and there are adhesions everywhere and I mean pretty much everywhere. One tube is completely blocked off and the other is about ¾ the way. He also showed me a spot of endometriosis and some cysts, but again during the second office visit he started back peddling and denied ever saying that too. He also said something else peculiar, he said that when he asked me when my last period was I told him such and such date, but that upon examining me during the laparoscopy he could see that I had menstruated two days prior and not the two weeks or so prior that I had told him. But I know for a fact it was when I told him and not two days before… I’ve been tracking it every since this all started.

Has anyone gone through something like this because my last visit he cleared me not to come back for 6 months and I’m not feeling any better, majority of my symptoms are just as they were before the round of antibiotics and if anything I’m feeling just as bad and some days even worse than before. This has me REALLY scared and I’m not sure what to do. I keep switching doctors trying to get somewhere, but they all end up doing the same thing and I don’t understand why.

Has anyone else been given a diagnosis of PID that it wasn’t in fact PID, but something else?
Any advice would be helpful and much appreciated.

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  • i don't have too much time to write right now, but ive been im your shoes... Ill get back soon, not to worry!
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  • hello,yes me too i have been there,i just recently got diagnosed with endometriosis.and because it took them so long to sort their s*** out its now advanced and only surgery will remove it.as for pid,surgery can cause it,laparoscopy for example.or giving birth.i became ill about three weeks after my first daughter was born with pid,and i had no std`s either,the doctor put it down to child birth.i put it down to a lack of hygiene in the hospital.there was someone elses blood all over the floor in the delivery room the whole 36 hours i was in labour.
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  • I am so sorry to hear that this has been going on for so long. :( Since it is such a long history there are a lot of aspects and symptoms to it, so I just wanted to ask a few questions to have a starting point.How old are you?Did they every find bacteria in your urine?Could you explain more about your abnormal periods?Did they do a culdocentesis do look at the fluid in the cul de sac?What medications are you taking?I know you have mentioned the procedures/surgeries you have had, but could you list them again, just so I could see them in one spot?Does it hurt when you have sex?You mentioned your doctor tried to do an endometrial biopsy and she couldn't, did she then advise you to have a procedure called dilitation and curettage?Does any thing make your symptoms better or make them worse?Is your white blood cell count still elevated?Did you say they found endometriosis?Do you still have your appendix?Was anything done to evaluate your kidneys besides a Ultrasound?Was there ever any protein in your urine?Do you have any chronic illness such as diabetes or hypertension...?Family history of chronic illnesses or cancers?As far as your bloating I can definately see that being caused by IBS, especially now with the immense stress you are under. The weight loss is probably because you don't have much of an appetite (because you have gained at least some back, correct?)Fibroadenomas are the most common solid nodule in a young woman's breast. They are completely benign. If you have had a biopsy that shows that it is indeed a fibroadenoma you can rest at ease. If it is getting bigger you can elect to have them take it out, it sounds like money is tight, so you can probably just watch it. Keep doing self breast exams and if you are concerned about this new lump, have it biopsied as well.I guess that is all I have for right now, except I would really try to find some doctors that have good bedside manner, you feel will listen to all of your concerns and communicate with the other doctors in your life. I will pray for you that you can find such a doctor!
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  • They did rule out ectopic pregnancy, didn't they?
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  • Well all these doctors’ appointments haven't accomplished a thing, but I’m still trying. My mom had some real problems with her shoulder several years ago. Doctors wouldn’t touch her because her arm was literally hanging from the socket and anything would likely just injure it more. Being that she had the injury for so long, it just kept getting worse. Doctors handed out meds and antidepressants like Tic-Tacs, which didn’t do anything other than cause her to grow tumors around her shoulder in the area of the injury. She had pulled her arm out of the socket and when it went back in it pinched a nerve inside the joint. The doctors left it for so long that the open part of the shoulder socket closed up, which was finally realized when she could no longer lift her arm or use her hand whatsoever. She went through this for years… this doctor pushing her off on that doctor and so on, pretty much like what’s being done to me now.About two years ago (I believe) she started seeing a doctor that works with pressure points. He’s a chiropractor, but not the kind that cracks anything. Honestly, when she first started going I thought he was not only a quack, but a smart one because he was making good money off this. But after these past two years my mom has movement back in her arm, she can now use her hand and there’s been a COMPLETE turnaround. After noting the difference I’ve seen in her over these last several months alone I allowed her to talk me into seeing him.I had my first appointment a few days ago. First he had me take my top off and put on one of those lovely paper gowns and he did a Static EMG (basically he placed electroids at 15 specific sites on my spine and a computer would analyze the EMG signal which were then compared to a database of “normal” readings… if that makes sense LOL). What that found was abnormal paraspinal muscle function, the worst being in the following vertebrae… C1 (causes head aches, nervousness, insomnia, migraines, nervous breakdowns, chronic tiredness), C3 (causes neuralgia, neuritis, acne), C7 (causes bursitis, colds, thyroid conditions), T2 (causes functional heart conditions & certain chest conditions), T12 (causes rheumatism, gas pains, certain types of sterility), L1 (causes constipation, colitis, dysentery, diarrhea, some ruptures or hernias), L3 (causes bladder problems, menstrual troubles such as painful or irregular periods, miscarriages, bed wetting, impotency, change of life symptoms, many knee pains) and lastly L5 (causes poor circulation in legs, swollen ankles, weak ankles and arches, cold feet, weakness in the legs, leg cramps).I found it very informative seeing that everyone explains every single symptom I have, as well as a few that I’ve had since childhood. Another interesting thing I was told was after I mentioned being so sick of doctors wanting to give me antidepressants, which he said was more or less their way of saying, “we don’t know what’s wrong”. He further added that doctors can sum up the entire medical process in three steps… one being antacids, two being anti-inflammatory and last being antidepressants. It’s their way of being able to push you off onto another doctor because they don’t know what the problem is in the first place.Anyway, I went back later that evening so he could align me, whatever that meant. LOL. I went back and as I said before, there’s NO cracking whatsoever. He simply use pressure points in my neck, back legs and feet. By the time he was done I was about asleep on the table. That WAS the most relaxed I’ve been in months and better yet, I didn’t hurt at all for two days afterwards. Today I’m back to being uncomfortable, but he already said I would have to come three times a week to keep it up and eventually it will “stick”. Like I said, my mother went three times a week for over a year, but it was well worth it for her because her arm was USELESS before she started seeing him. Being that doctors could care less what’s wrong with me, it’s better than nothing.After my alignment he did say that he pretty much wagers that ALL my problems are digestive. He’s going to make a list of enzymes (which my mother also took and can now eat everything she used to when she was younger that she couldn’t for so many years because of her digestive problems).Anyway, just wanted to share that with everyone because I never knew how minor back problems could be to blame for some serous symptoms that seem unrelated. Hopefully this will open new doors for other people going through the same thing. At least I’m starting to feel like I’m FINALLY getting some where. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see some more though. I’ll keep everyone posted.Thanks again to everyone who has replied and good luck to everyone as well!!Dee
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  • Good for you to take the plunge and find an alternative approach to your illness!! There are many paths to heal and often when Western MD's give you the runaround you are much better served with chiropractic, Oriental Medicine, and naturopathy.Best wishesDOM
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  • Do you know that there is an alternative to an MD? It is a DO, they are licensed to do the same things (surgery, family practice, OB/Gyn, etc). A DO or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine has a theory of treating the patient and not just the symptoms/disease. A DO can do manipulative treatment just like a chiropractor as well. So in short a DO is like a combination of an MD + Chiropractor + Massage Therapist all rolled into one!
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  • Unfortunately Yes, I have experienced something like this.I had a really strong vaginal odor that smelled like ammonia.I went to the doctor to receive treatment and she diagnosed it as bacterial vaginosis, which made sense to me because I read numerous posts on the internet regarding this and all the symptoms are what I had.I was given a prescription for flagyl by the doctor and received a full gynecological ecaluation and pap smear. My tests came back and I was clean(no STD) while I was on this medication I received absolutely no discharge, but the minute I came off of it , the discharge came right back.I also was having pretty moderate to severe left pelvic pain and swelling of the lymph nodes.Then I went to a different doctor a month ago. She evaluated me and I had a pap done again. She said that I had mild displasia ( which can be HPV).This does not make sense to me. because I have been in a monogamous relationship for 3 years and have never had any problems up until now. There is absolutely no way that I can have HPV.I mean everything adds up with the diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis and like I said when I was on the medication Flagyl, all my symptoms disapeared.I just feel like there is a bigger problem that they are not looking at and I think I have PID, because if bacterial vaginosis is left untreated for a long amount of time, it can cause PID. I do not believe that I have HPV whatsoever. I was just wondering what is the liklihood that Bacterial vaginosis can be misdiagnosed as HPV, cause one of the diagnosis has to be wrong, because it is the same condition I was treated and seen for by 2 different doctors
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  • They can confirm HPV with absolute positive; so if they say they found the cells, they found the cells. I don't know if they said they found them or are assuming. You can ask for a copy of your lab work to check it out for yourself.I think at this point, a dozen acupuncture treatments will give relief to the first poster, since she can't get a diagnosis. Have you have blood tests for syphilis and herpes 2? It sounds like there are a few conditions compounding the entire situation.
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