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Ovarian cysts and bladder... sorry so long

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  • Posted By: ConfusedByPain
  • September 19, 2009
  • 02:09 AM

Hello all. Hoping someone could help with a problem I've been having for a few years.

*Extreme lower abd pain that can starts out so bad I want to throw up from the pain.

*If I lay flat on my back for a few hours and barely move (even deep breaths hurt) the pain subsides to a tolerable, but still limping, level. Sitting is the worst position.

*Pain is generalized to entire lower belly (skin on belly is usually hot to touch when episodes occur as well). No actual stomach ailments coincide with pain (diareah, gas, etc.)

*Generally starts in the middle of the night (3, 4 AM) and wake up with over filled bladder (sometimes have spillover in bed). Run to the bathroom and that's when pain starts, as soon as I sit. Have to crawl back to bed thinking I'm dying.

*Started in August 2006 with occurances that lasted a day and happened around once a month. Now they last around 3 days and happen anywhere from 1X every 3 months to 2X a month.

*Today, pain just started right now... in the middle of work... didn't even have to use the washroom. This is a new experience for me.

*Periods are inconsistent and usually late. Sometimes skip whole periods (worst was skipped 2 periods in a row) and symptoms stop those months and don't occur until after my next period.

~ER docs always test for appendicitis because of severity and location of pain.
~Primary Care doc thought Endometriosis

, Gyne said probably not (had a 3-day occurance during pregnancy in March 2007... guess Endometriosis doesn't act up during pregnancy)
~Gyne said probably Interstitial Cystitis...
~Urologist said bladder looked great after cystoscopy w/ hydrodistention... but still perscribed meds for IC (Elmiron) because "it can sometimes help pelvic pain". Didn't have period or pain for 2 months after bladder hydrodistension.

~ER docs usually say I have Ovarian cysts that grow, then rupture (which fills my uterus with fluid that causes me pain), then grow again my next cycle, which doesn't seem right to me because of the significant appearing link to my bladder. Is it possible for ovarian cysts and/or ruptures to cause bladder symptoms??? Also, is it possible for ovarian cycts to occur during pregnancy?? Only happened twice during my 8 month pregnancy (3 weeks along and 4 months along).

Anything else it could logically be?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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