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Ovarian cyst spleen cyst

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  • Posted By: cooksey125
  • January 1, 2008
  • 05:13 PM

I have a irregular ovarian cyst,cysts on the spleen,muscle spasms right side underneath the navel and some problems with urinary (going often or unable to go).I had a CT scan which showed the cysts and am going in tomorrow for a ultrasound for the ovarian cyst.My doctor says the cysts on my spleen are nothing to worry about for the time but never went into further detail about them.I know I have 5 on my spleen of different sizes.I've been tested for pretty much everything and it's all come out good.But I'm having pain off and on (even on pain pills) and the urinary problems come and go.I orginally went in because I had a lump under the skin the would push up thru the skin then go away.It was thought to be a hernia but proved not to be.I am concered though because I have extensive family history for uterine and ovarian cancer in my family.I was wondering if anyone else has had the same or similiar problems.Thanks

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  • We have a little in common. I have been to a few doctors for intense gut wrenching pain, all of these newly recent food intolernaces (wheat, sugar, dairy) and pain in my left side (by spleen). After a CT & Ultrasound I was told I have a 2" abonormal ovarian cyst on my left side. The Gyno referred me to a Naturopath (who is quite overbooked at the moment) but I sought to start to investigate the problem on my own.I have just completed a parasite cleanse- http://www.drclark.net/en/cleanses_clean-ups/parasite_cleanses.phpwhich I purchased from a local naturopath herb shoppe, this really helped alleviate my gut wrenching pain & I no longer have all the crazy food intolerances I picked up 6 months ago. yeah!Now, my only problem is the spleen pain! (And wondering if my ovarian cyst will go away on it's own.) The pain in the area of my spleen is driving me nuts! I just read this interesting post on an acupuncture website: http://www.tcmpage.com/hpovarian.htmlIn traditional Chinese medicine, ovarian cysts are considered to be a product of three main pathological factors: phlegm, dampness, and blood stasis. Each of these factors takes time to develop. Phlegm and dampness are due to an imbalance of the Spleen�s energy. The Spleen is responsible for transforming the food that we eat into energy (Chi) and blood. When the Spleen�s own energy is deficient, it begins to lose its ability to produce sufficient amounts of Chi and blood. Over time, people with a pattern of Spleen Chi Deficiency do not receive proper nourishment from their food and become fatigued, with digestive problems and a tendency to gain weight and retain water. Excess dampness in the system gradually coalesces into phlegm, which can manifest as lumps and masses of various kinds, including ovarian cysts. Obviously, diet is the key to maintaining good Spleen health. Cold and raw foods and beverages are ******n the Spleen because it has to expend precious energy "cooking" these foods inside the body and bringing them up to body temperature. It is better to drink room-temperature or warm liquids, and to cook vegetables lightly before eating. The habitual over-consumption of greasy, fatty foods, sweets, and alcohol are very damaging to the Spleen and lead to many health problems besides ovarian cysts.good luck!Andrea
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    • January 2, 2008
    • 09:23 PM
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  • I have this friend that works with me and he is having similar issues like you lately. He is feeling pain and he is having fever from time to time. His doctor told him that he might also have enlarged spleen and cyst problem. He told him that he needs to watch not to get hit in the stomach because it will make things worse. He also has diarrhea. I have found that he has similar symptoms as some of guys that are discussing the spleen problems on another forum. So I just wonder could all this be caused with enlarged spleen?
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