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NO CLUE!! itching/irritation/pelvic pain HELP ME!!

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  • Posted By: Nychick89
  • October 27, 2006
  • 08:42 PM

I'm a 17 year old female, I've been having weird things going on with no explanation. The outer part of my vagina feels irritated, with slight itching, and at times a little sore, without having sexual intercourse. After sexual intercourse it itches and has a moderate burning sensation that lasts for a few days. My discharge also changes, at times I think its normal but sometimes it seems too white and thick, and sometimes too watery. I don't know if its normal for a woman to constantly have secretions, but I have to always wear panty-liners, or put toilet paper in my underwear because of the constant wetness. I also have pelvic pain, or lower abdominal pain (specifically near the ovaries) almost everyday. I have had 3 ultrasounds done, and have been tested for gonnorhea/chlamydia, candidas, bacterial vaginosis, etc. No one can find out whats going on. Does anyone have ANY ideas of what could be going on? or what I should do.. or what to ask my doctor?? I'm clueless.http://www.womens-health.com/boards/images/smilies/confused.gif

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  • If you have been tested for all the STD's and they are negative as well as a yeast infection then lets see if we can rule some other things out. If you don't wear cotton panties then try those. If your partner wears a latex condom then you may want to try something else, you could be having a reaction to that. You might want to try a fragrance free detergent to wash your clothes in as well as soap in case you are having a reaction to that. IF you are using a douche, then stop. You can over do that and cause problems with your natural discharge. It is normal to have a discharge and it will change in thickness as your hormones change during the month.
    lynnwalden 20 Replies
    • October 28, 2006
    • 03:48 AM
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  • hey! i have the EXACT SAME SYMPTOMS. no one could tell me what it was, i saw a sexual health doctor, there was nothing wrong with me he said, then saw a urologist(?) and he dismissed it as nothing. i saw 4 doctors and finally they took out my appendix, saying it was appendicitis. but now, 6 days after it has been taken out, i have the same pain as before and still feel sick, like diarrhea/vomiting as well. i can't sleep at night, only during the day, and no one seems to know what is wrong with me. the pain is in my upper pelvis/lower abdomen on the right side, and i have a thick discharge but no smell or weird color, but it is itchy and i have lower back pain as well. i get headaches and weakness/dizzyness. i've been like this for almost a month! what is wrong???
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • November 22, 2006
    • 09:32 AM
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  • are you having any sores, rash ? and does it go away or get better when you start your period? i only ask because i have same symtoms with very bad rash itch, and does get better after period starts and i am being tested for auto immune progesterone dermatitis you may want to ask your dr??
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • December 24, 2006
    • 07:15 AM
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  • Hello People. I as well have been troubled by itching! The itching is located on the underside of my penis; where there is a vein, After sex or mastubation the itching starts! It can be very intense at times, when this happens i find myself rubbing and pressing all the way down my penis along the vein.A Doctor has mention vein inflamation? {what is that? } And how did this happen? I really need help before i create more damage with all the rubbing on this swollen vein on the underside of my penis. Sometimes when it itches and i rub a clear liquid will seep out of the head of my penisit almost looks like a worm when swollen {the vein}.Q.What must i do? :eek:
    roy jones 1 Replies
    • January 15, 2007
    • 07:33 AM
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  • I had ongoing undiagnosed yeast infections when I was younger and suffered so much. The doctors would take a look under the microscope and say nothings wrong. I had more buring than itching like the usual yeast infections so that was not helpful. It got to the point I was in so much pain I could barely sit or walk or wear panties. It was going on 6 months of this. My regular OBGYN was out so his assoc took me as an emergency. She took one look and said I had a severe infection. She looked under the microscope and said thats wierd it shows nothing. This was the first time I learned of a culture which no one had ever done one. Sure enough I had a severe yest infection was treatd and it was gone. It did come regularly at times along with my periods since they were messed up and I got them about 2 times a month due to endometriosis. I had some battles with doctors after that insisting on doing a culture. Some would swear nothing was there i had to beg them for the culture and sure enough I was right. One time witha bladder infedtion the doctor said he would bet his practice on it that it was normal well he apologized to me several times cause sure enoughI had a severe bladder infection. There is also a condition called vulvadynia if I am spelling it right that has alot of the soreness and hurting symptoms not sure on the discharge but sometimes that an the yeast can go together. By chance did they do a culture? Then also onme if they did nt do a long enough culture which sometimes they don't that cannot show it they need to culture it longer. Sure sounds like yeast to me. Let me know good luck
    nccarol28732 44 Replies
    • January 15, 2007
    • 10:54 AM
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