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long long problems and never any answers please someone help me enjoy life

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 7, 2007
  • 11:35 PM

i am a very mature 18 year old female from uk and i have had an awful problem for many years (as long as i can remember really) but when i lost my virginity 2 1/2 years ago to the person i am still with today my problems got worse. i have a wide range of problems that dont seem to link but i believe that in some way they are all connected. i have seen every dr and specialist available with no answers and have baffled my local gp who i see all the time for this problem that is ruining my life. havent had sex with my boyfreind who i live with for about 8 months because of this but luckily he is very understanding. my symptoms are as followed:
-constant clean non smelling watery discharge (every 5-10 mins or so)
-blood clots that jam my vagina and i have to pull them out
-brown blood (looks as if the blood is old)
-breast milk (not discharge) from both nipples. was told mastitis but that is discharge isnt it not milk.
-blood in pee
-not so long ago i passed a veiny looking clump that was see thru but looked as if it had veins in it. i kept it and showed my fella and we booked in at the gp and got it tested but low and behold NOTHING. (how the heck can that be normal) not misscarrage as not had sex
-lump inside my vagina but told it was normal
also my vagina looks strange and has got incredably worse over time. my vagina is a ghastly sight my inner lips hang down about an inch and a half from my outer lips and are purple like bruises i dont have any feeling in them at all they are awful.
i cant describe to you what this is like to live with and i no that i am blessed to have my boyfreind by my side because any other bloke would run a mile at the sight of my vagina and the fact that i cannot have sex. i feel like i have wet myself all day long and this happens every 5/10 mins or so. i am not incontinant and do not have any bladder problems or weaknesses and wish that someone could throw me a lifeline, help, do anything it effects everything in life. dont mean to sound big headed but i am an attractive girl and men look at me and i think to myself 'you wouldnt be looking at me like that if only you knew' gosh i am filling up just typing this. if doctors only knew what life was like for me.
i have had every test possible, this has been going on for years its not as if this is an infection that will go away and i am scared that this will go on the rest of my life if someone could just tell me they have the same symptoms or have a vagina that looks like mine maybe we could help eachother to find an answer. although i hope nobody else has this living ***l. i get free health care as i am a student so if someone could give me the name of a test i could try it would be so helpful to me. i have a bright future ahead of me and i dont want this problem to pull me down. please anything would be helpful, anything at all i am at the end of my teather.
thankyou for taking the time to read this.
kelly. x

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  • Have they done a Dilation and curretage? that could help, this is where they would curretage the inside of the vagina, I do not know if it would help or not but if there is something there, it would tell you something....I am not sure what is going on but it definitely sounds like something....I sure hope they find out something....i will be praying for you......
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  • you sound like you need to put an end to whatevers happening because it's causing you a lot of pain and i really do offer my sympathy to you.the specailists you said you've seen, were they within the NHS or private? if it's the former i would have to ask if it would be worth going private to see if they can offer anything else to you. private GPs can sometimes offer a wider range of options than NHS (not always, but it might be worth giving it a go)if cost is an issue then you may still be able to claim off of your parents health insurance, i think it's possible until your 19th birthday, which can help reduce the cost. i hope you get the answers your looking for soon.xXx
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  • i would look up prolactin and have your levels checked. that might explain the breast milk.
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