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just had one of my tubes removed....

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  • Posted By: devoke
  • May 16, 2007
  • 09:27 PM

Hi! I'm 20 years old and I just had one of my tubes removed on thursday. The reason why was because I had an ectopic pregnancy. I want to know is what can be other causes or reasons why a womam can have one of her tubes removed. Thank you!!!!

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  • Hi there, just read your post, & ur not alone. I had to have a tube and 3/4 of my ovary removed a few years ago. This was because I had chronic pelvic inflamitory disease, and it wasn't diagnosed until I had a 3 & 1/2 inch abcess on my tube which was leaking poison into my system, and making me very unwell. Since then, I have concieved again, & had a lovely baby boy. Unfortunatley, the pid got so bad, I had a hystorectomy 2 yrs ago, & still have a string of complaints, but am finding solutions & other women with similar symptoms on these pages. Hope they help you too,RegardsMama d
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  • I had my tubes tied and they bled so bad they had to remove one of them. Dont really know if this helps or not. I am having alot of problems with mine now. and I dont even know what tube they took out thats the sad thing.i now have to have a hystorectomy, not just because of that. I have uterine prolapse. If i would have known i would not have done the the tube tying thing cuz that just sucked. - jay :eek:
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  • Hi Jay,So sorry to hear you have to go through a hysterecomy. Did your op go wrong, or was there infection afterwards? Having had it myself, if there's anything I can help you with, just let me know, I'll be happy to keep in touch Mama d
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  • thank you so much for your reply sorry it took me so long to get back to you on your post been going through something weird latley. my op sucked! i had never had surgery before this one and now i am so afraid to go back in. it was suppost to be a simple tubal that turned to crap. im not sure if they are suppost to cauterize the tubes or clip them or anything, i thought they were suppost to but my ob said they dont anymore ? so i bled internally for like 18 hours or so. they didnt notice it until the next morning when my crit was 13. it was not a nice experience at all. all i will say is that i will never go back to that hospital! i have uterine prolapse. which has gotten really bad so i need to get my hysterecomy sooner than i wanted. i am not ready to go through that now. i am really scaird because of my last surgery. i am so sorry to hear about your health problems. i am so glad that you did get to have a baby. that is awesome!i was told when i was a teenager that i would not be able to have kids cuz i have had so many problems with my overies. i am so glad that i was able to have babies. i dont know what i would have done if i couldent.sorry to ramble about stuff its just kinda nice to talk things other than barney and bratz :p let me know how you are doing-jay
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  • Hi. I'm 47 and have read all your posts and now I am very scared. I know its 6 years later but I would love some advice from any of you, starting with Mama d: You mentioned that you had 'leaking poison into my system, and making me very unwell'. Could you give me some details as you how unwell you were? I am in a lot of pain in the area of my left fallopian tube. I had a sonogram almost 2 months ago and is showed that is was as big as the size you said yours was when it was swollen. I have taken 3 kinds of antibiotics since then but they have only subdued the swelling and pain for a few days each time. None of them have completely rid any infection I might have, in my opinion. Now I am feeling pain in other places in my abdomen. So I think mine is 'leaking poison into my system' too. When my doctor saw the sono 2 wks ago she recommended a hysterectomy to remove the uterus (because I have had fibroids in the past and have 2 more small ones now) and to remove both fallopian tubes. However, I had no insurance then. I have some insurance now however it does not cover preexisting conditions so what was the use of getting it! Anyway, do you suggest I go and get more tests to see if I have Peritonitis? Is that what the poison was called that you had leading into your system?By the way, since the beginning (July) this swollen fallopian tube seem to have been pressing on a nerve and has been causing me some agonizing back pain too. Did this happen to any of you too?
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    • October 18, 2013
    • 03:09 AM
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