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Is it possible to Sprain Pelvic Floor Muscles?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 18, 2008
  • 11:06 PM

Hello Doctor,

Here’s a little background information on myself. As a young teen (13), I urinated and ejaculated at the same time the first time I masturbated (climaxed without erection). I contracted my PC muscles really hard to stop the flow of urine and the process was somewhat uncomfortable. Ever since then, I experienced sharp pains during ejaculation with every pelvic muscle contraction. I would only masturbate to near climax, fearing that it would be even more painful if I reached climax.

When I turned 18, I took Paxil for 5 years. During this time I would experience very weak initial feelings of a climax before ejaculating without pain. Everything seemed to be fine, I just couldn’t climax.

I have been off Paxil for 4months and sexual pleasure along with the ability to orgasm is slowly coming back. However, I have noticed that when the climax was more pleasurable, I would get very slight discomfort during the pelvic muscle contractions (especially the last ones) that occur while ejaculating. If it was not for my history, I would not even have taken this discomfort to be a concern so it may be that I’m a little paranoid.

Now my question is, is it possible that I permanently strained or torn my pelvic muscles when I was younger and that when experiencing the sexual dysfunction of Paxil, my pelvic muscle did not contract as hard and thus I did not experience pain.

Is it likely the pain could return when I regain full sexual pleasure since my pelvic muscles would be contracting harder?

Thank You


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  • I am not doctor, but I have been having a few problems myself with a tingling sensation in the penis. I have done a lot of research into my problem, and I might be able to help.When you have an errection, the Penis rises, and to do this, the Pelvic Floor muscles pull it up. So if your Pelvic Floor muscles are weak, which most peoples are if they don't exercise them, then they can be tight. The more aroused you become, the more the muscles will pull so that will be where the pain is coming from - there not sprained, just working really hard and there not used to it!You can google "Pelvic Floor Exercises for Men" and there's loads of information on exercises that you need to do to strengthen these muscles. Make sure you read it carefully though, as they are hard to exercise properly. It will take time and dedication to do, but the result will be excellent at the end, so its well worth it!If you struggle with the exercises, make sure you see a Physiotherapist who specialises in the Pelvic Floor. They will teach you them properly.Generally: when doing the exercises, if you place your finger below the Scrotum, you'll feel the muscle pull in, and your Penis lift slightly. If you can't feel this, ask for help!Hope this helps you out, remember though, its going to take hard work and time, so stick at it and you'll be fine!Dan
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