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im scared i have hiv

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 18, 2007
  • 05:39 PM

i had my first time ever last monday. it was unprotected and i feel so stupid. my girlfriend has only been with one other person, but she was tested for HIV about a month ago and it came back negative. the night after, i started getting sick. i had a really sore throat the next day and wednesday night, i had a fever of 103. i had an extremely sore throat, my glands were very swollen and my tonsils also, headache, a little bit of muscle pain, and a little of of loss of breath when i would breath in deeply. i have had a history of huge tonsils. they are huge, and now that im sick, they are almost touching, making it difficult to swallow. i thought for sure it was strep throat. but i got tested and it came back negative. my fever lasted until friday. i felt totally fine friday night, saturday, sunday and monday. then yesterday (tuesday night) i started getting sick again. my throat started to hurt. i went to the doctors. they said i could have strep throat or mono. they dont know about my unprotected encounter, and im very scared to tell anyone. now its wednesday, and i feel almost the same as last week, sore throat, minor headache, and just achey all over. im very scared i have HIV. Should i be worrying? can symptoms of hiv show up this early? or do you think its just mono or strep throat in my glands? my sister had this last year. can a throat culture tell if you have strep in your glands?

i really need some help. i am so worried about all of this. i told my girlfriend but she is telling me over and over again that she doesnt have hiv and i shouldnt worry. as much as i dont want to worry, i do. please, anyone, give me some advice or tell me whats going on with me. i would greatly greatly greatly appreciate it. i can barley sleep some nights because im so worried.

thank you so much.

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  • I've been through the same experience... with a low-risk person. I freaked out too. It's a very lonely and scary experience when you can't talk with many people about it. The best thing I did was go to the health department. I live in a small town, so went to a health dept. in another town where no one knows me. The people at the health dept are very caring and took the time to address all my questions. I got the FACTS! And I felt good when I left. I tested negative and will be careful from now on!
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  • It's extremely rare to come down with mono just days after coming into contact with the Epstein-Barr Virus- it usually takes 3-5 weeks. Did you kiss your girlfriend at all before you had sex? You can get mono from saliva, even from sharing a glass with someone. But the duration of mono is typically 2-3 weeks of illness, not 5 days. Maybe you just got an infection?HIV usually takes at least a two weeks to created the initial infection so it is highly unlikely you got it.You could get tested for syphilis and Hepatitus but it probably isn't that either.
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  • Also, just a note though you have good advice already, is that HIV takes a while before actually affects your immune system. It can remain dormant for years before you actually start experiencing any opportunistic infections. If you're worried about possibly having HIV I would get tested. It takes awhile for antibodies to build up but I would practice safe sex and get tested a few times to rule it out. They even have little kits you can purchase online and send back ever so discreetly to ease your mind. Best of luck!
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  • can anyone comment on relation between immunosuppressants and hiv test results
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    • August 15, 2007
    • 08:25 PM
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  • You are a very low risk and it takes much longer to develop hiv. You may have a staph or strep infection or the flu. Get checked in two months so you can relax and then always use a condom in the future.
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    • August 19, 2007
    • 08:16 AM
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  • ya i don't know when the next time is that you will check this forum but it sounds to me like your just having anxiety/panic attacks just keep telling your self there is nothing wrong with you and you will be alright and they will eventually go away i hope my advise helps you and a lot of other people
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    • December 7, 2008
    • 10:49 AM
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