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I think its called phimosis please help!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 19, 2007
  • 02:08 PM

Please help,

- I have not had sex

mMy foreskin doesn't pull back, I think its called phimosis.There are little white dots on my penis but I heard lots of teens have them. I also have a mild skin condition to do with yeast or something, that gets in 'greacy' areas on my face, in creases etc.

I don't want to pull it back because that seems dangerous.

I am scared to see the doctor and don't know who to tell, but I can just about post it on the internet... if you need any more details please ask on here...!

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  • my boyfriend was a virgin when i met him also and his forskin did not pull back but after a few times of having sex it went back on its own
    rachel125 112 Replies
    • December 21, 2007
    • 00:22 PM
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  • have a family member or buddy assist you.1, you should lay on a table make sure it's sturdy.2, have helper ready3,you or helper (procedure works better if done by helper) must manipulate your penis like masturbation. you must have firm erection.4, once your penis is erect, your helper shall do as follows:stand over your penis areawith dry penis and foreskin helper puts on glovesthe helper will push gently back on your phimotic adhesive foreskin, once the skin stops and does not continue with *gental non-painful but firm tension.This must be done by a helper who understands quick and hard = little pain slow and shy = much pain. so tell your helper to do exactly this:stand over your penis so when they push your foreskin it is pushed "down" this is critical they cant push at an angle or it will hurt.now you must have a sturdy hard erection, helper pulls foreskin back untill it's stuck, keeping the skin taunt with the stuck head put both their thumbs so the tip of their thumb is on the stuck place one on left side and right side of adhesion, then continue to place index and if required middle fingers of both hands just like thumbs but on the other side of your penis.count to three take deep breath in. hold it.when you say 1,2,3...(go) they must very quickly force all of their body weight onto your stickey foreskin. I mean they must be quick and use all their force. Once they push like i discribed all or most of your foreskin will peel back like it should. because the buddy pushes forcefully and quick you will feel very little pain, and none after foreskin lysis shock is over. If your buddy does not push the skin back hard enough (should not stop pushing until hands on your pubic area. If he wimps out or didn't try and forcefully peel off the inner mucosa from the head, they need to realize they must tear it off acting almost violent. If your buddy didn't do it hardenough half the skin might still be stuck and you must do it a second time, which mind you will hurt now that part of your penis was ripped apart. have your buddy practice on something untill they feel comfortable.If done just as i said before you let out your breath the foreskin will actually pop back, and you will see your penis head compeletly. It's all over a quick stingging sensation when it pops out, 3 seconds of pain vs having it tear off slowly or during sex which hurts bad. Also, the doctor may use a metal probe to scrape the skin free, but a doctor will mostlikely want to trim off (circumise) your foreskin which really hurts, and costs something. I treat the problem just like i discribed, as I run a free clinic. I pop back around 8 patients a week, and have lysed over 400 foreskins just like yours, and even asked to free up several babies foreskins so they would not have problems like yours. I choose this operation over circumcising a foreskin just because it needed help retracting, as it was the same method my grandfather did to me and several other male relatives. The first time I was three, he popped out my head (i can remember age 3) i cried because it felt like a beesting only it only stings for about 20 seconds i cried because i was so young and had it stripped back as suprise. grandfather would take me to pee and always gave me a bath. at bath time he would push gently to see if it was coming unstuck without help. So one day during my bath he asked if he could fix my foreskin and told me it would sting, so being 3 i freaked out and he let it be. A few days later he walked up on me assuming i was peeing and saw that i was trying to pull the skin off myself, i didn't hear him untill it was done, my penis was hard from me pushing around my penis,in one motion he grabbed my foreskin and ripped it back in a quick smooth way, he used his body as the table. i was confused and cried untill he put on the vaseline and showed me what my penis was suppose to look like. it's important that after you get the skin free you keep retracting it whenever possible like while peeing just pull it back. and atleast twice a day beforebed for certain pull it all the way it will go and apply coating of petrolium jelly like vaseline on the head, then return the skin. the coating protects the two surfaces from sticking back again, do it for a week. Once your skin works (your missing alot of fun) make sure to wash it with soap every day, or close to. and you will because it's fun and feels good (i remind you anyway), when ever you touch your penis, push the skin back keep pushing and stretching it back and you will never have frenum problems and no more foreskin trouble. I stopped cleaning out the whitestuff (smegma) around 7 or so because i wanted to prove that the skin didn't need pushed back as i argued with a cousin, so for 2 weeks (he was 9) we didn't clean or push the skin back once. So that weekend both of our expiraments ran short as grandmother took us to the doc for a checkup together. I was first everything A-ok untill he pushed on my foreskin. it was stuck shut, from irritation the left side grew back shut. he used a probe and scraped the skin off the head then kept scraping the imbeded smegma off my raw bloody head, that method is barbarick. my cousin got the same readherance but the doctor said his wasn't bad and just popped it back out. he made fun of me as his pain was not scraped nerves. i then started masturbating and always pulled it back when peeing. when my penis grew age 14 due to puberty i found that that scraping from old doc gave me a scarred up foreskin that didn't grow with the rest, so I had to be circumcised. So, you can say I been all over and hope you choose to have a buddy pop back the skin. if you leave it alone you will need circumcised, if you go to a doctor they will hurt you and probably cut all or part of your foreskin off. gentle stretching at your age wont work and causes painful tearing. The only two options 1, use my method, 2, get circumcised.anyquestions write backdr saxen
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • December 24, 2007
    • 01:14 PM
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  • Where can I go to have a doctor like you that will do that not cut anything off
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • January 14, 2009
    • 08:12 PM
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  • Tyler88, Most younger doctors will try everything possible before cutting or trimming the foreskin. I would advise that you visit a family physician and discuss the problem with them. Let the doctor know you don't want to be circumcised and ask if they can just push the skin back and stretch it. The medical term for pushing down the skin is "lysis foreskin adhesions; stretching redundant prepuce (icd-9 605)". Perhaps I can answer your question better if you describe what the problem is exactly.Good Luck!- Dr. Saxen
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • January 25, 2009
    • 08:24 AM
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  • I got circumcised at age 23 to correct the tight foreskin known as “phimosis” that prevented my foreskin from retracting. Since it was confusing for me to figure out how to go about the whole situation and since I knew others would be looking for some answers as well, I documented the whole experience in both written form as well as a video slideshow; The video includes before/after shots, a pain chart, and will show you how long it took to heal. I’ve uploaded the video to several different sites so that it would be backed up just in case any particular site had the video removed. Click on any one of the following links to view my circumcision:http://www.vimeo.com/8102970http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xbjk60_matthews-circumcision_techhttp://www.motionbox.com/videos/4c97d2b21c1ae2c3c3If you would like to read about this experience in greater detail then click on any one of the following links that will take you to different places I uploaded the blog:http://matthewscircumcision.blogspot.com/http://mudxorz.wordpress.com/http://matthewscircumcision.blog.com/I know what if feels like to live with this affliction and I wish anybody perusing corrective surgery all the luck in the world. If I got through this experience then anybody can.
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • January 3, 2010
    • 06:09 PM
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