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i dont think im pregnant but im worried...

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 8, 2007
  • 00:15 AM

its been 3 months since my last period (im always late, usually like 2 months) i have this constant feeling like im gonna throw up, i get really hungry at night, my boobs randomly get soar (they have never been soar), my stomach always hurt, im ******g a lot more, im going to the bathroom a lot more (i usually only go like twice a day i go 4 -5 times now), sex is very painful for me (its always a little painful but this is like pain from the first time), i took a pregnancy test two weeks ago it was negative, like an hour ago i went to the bathroom and there was like a blood clot with it so i thought i finally got my period. i put a tampon in then i wanted to make sure i got it so a few minutes ago i took the tampon at and it was a little brown and a little red. i put a pad on instead now but theres no bleeding. im not really sure whats going on but if anyone can help or give some advice it would be much appreciated. thanks.

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  • First off OBGYN 3 months no period is weird 2 months maybe. Rule out any type of infection and so on. You might want to get that checked out first off. I have 2 kids and I know that you don't just feel like you are gonna throw up, If your are 3 months along you would have thrown up by now if you were going to. 2nd trimester is usually less morning sickness, and more Clothes that won't fit. Don't get me wrong I had morning sickness for all 9 months for my first most of that was due to nerves as well though. The feeling sick is probably just your nerves, because you are not sure if you are or not. Sex hurting could be caused by you just not knowing, or from not being sure if you are ready for that kinda of commitment. Get checked out and if you are scared that you might be pregnant, Use condoms until you are sure you are ready to have a baby. Also you local health unit should do pregnancy tests and also have free condoms so there is no excuse not to use some type of birth control. I would avoid using the depo shot though, which causes you to have missed or late periods and can cause you to be more worried about if you are or not. Also birth defects if you were to get pregnant on the shot.Brest tenderness could just be hormones, you won't fill with milk until you lose the placenta. Although don't rule it out either. I went from an A cup to a C cup for my first. But, I chalk that up to the box of Swiss cake rolls I was eating a day :P The blood clot though does concern me. Hopefully you start your period today and the clot was just a large discharge at one time. I know my first day is really heavy then it stops for about 8-12 hours then starts again. Take it easy for a day and see what happens. In the meantime I would make an appointment with a gyn asap.
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  • I would also take another pregnancy test to be sure. I had some brownish bleeding right before I found out I was!
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    • August 12, 2007
    • 10:32 PM
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