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how did i get it pls help ..am worried

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 21, 2008
  • 09:40 AM


i was suffering from herpes a 11 months back...now i am perfectly alright as i was treated by a dermatologist with zovirax antibiotic...
I dont undrestand how did i get herpes as i was only was in contact
with my patners nipples(with my mouth) for few minutes....and iwas about to give her a *******b but she was insisiting upon that...she only
rubbed by penis for only 30 sec with her teeth only did not user her tongue...

i had those black spots on my right thigh only and one spot on my bump on the same leg.(10 spots were there in total)..i was not afftected anywhere else....culd u pls tell me wat could be the reason as i did not hve any intercourse...could foreplay be the reason for my condition that i mentioned above....wat type of herpes is this

another major question i think i am perfectly alright now as the spots are gone and noproblem since last 10 months..
will it cause problems for my future wife and children...and are there any chancec of HIV...

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  • Wow - your post is confusing......If you had a herpes outbreak (per what your doctor said)- you have the virus for good. The virus remain in the body coming out occasionally, especially during times of stress. Just because you no longer have the sore it doesn't mean that you don't have it - herpes cannot be cured only treated.Herpes is transmitted via skin to skin contact -you do not need to have intercourse; contact with a person who has herpes and is infectious (either via a sore or via viral shedding - which does not have a sore present) is enough to get it. There are two types - herpes I (which is commonly known as a cold sore and is usually on the mouth) or herpes II (which is common on/around the genitals)You will need to take medicine when you have an outbreak and to TELL all future partners about your status - as this is a permanent condition. As I am sure you would have liked to have been told by your partner before she gave it to you. Ok - now for the confusing bits....zovirax - not an antibiotic, but an antiviral drug"I was about to give her a ******b" - a ******b is a term used to describe oral sex performed on a male. Oral sex on a female has a different term.I would recommend that you talk to your doctor about your new STD status and what you can do to prevent further outbreaks and protect yourself and your partners. And lastly, these are basically concepts and knowledge that you should have before engaging in any type of sexual activity (std's can be transmitted through more than just intercourse). Until you have enough knowledge and education about these matters, you are too young to be having sex.
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  • hey thanx amanda for all that informatoin..... and sorry for all those confusing bits...actually u r rt that am a novice at all this... hey could pls answer me 1 last thing..... 1)wat r the chances of hiv...as i did not hve any intercourse... (would contact with nipples cause hiv)... 2)and could u pls tel me how do i avoid sprading herpes to my future patners...as i cannot consult a doctor as the consequences could be dire in the country which i live...
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  • You can always spread herpes; best way is to become a religious monk or guru. Well, make sure you always use a condom, never have sex when you feel the tingle or have broken out and you always need to inform your partner that you have it so she can decide if she wants to risk a life long infection just for a few moments of pleasure. We don't know if you have hiv; you need to get a test for that and syphilis.
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