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Help! Swollen vein inside labia

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  • Posted By: coloradosunshine
  • January 11, 2010
  • 00:36 AM

I noticed today that on the left side of my inner labia area, starting from the ***t and going down, there is what I believe a swollen, puffy vein? So much that it sticks out and looks like a wing sort of. That area is also sensitive feeling. Also, I have a slight burning feeling when I urinate. The last time I was sexually active was last March, so yeah.

After a lot of researching, I couldn't find a thing! Can anyone help me to somewhat figure out what this is? And yes, I will go to the doctor anyway, but for now, any help please?!

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  • This is most likely some sort of infection. Especially since it hurts when you pee. But it is possible to have enlarged veins in the labia. Is it on the left side? The labia majora (outside lips)? Is it blue? Is that what makes you think it is a vein? Veins tend to be bluish but the ones in your labia are small and normally not very visible.There is a remote chance the vein could be enlarged because a nearby vein is clogged and the blood is re-routing through the labia. Feel VERY gently and see if it seems ropy. Don't massage it!There is a vein deep under each thigh muscle that runs up into your abdomen and takes the blood back up into your heart. Some women get blockages in a branch of those deep veins. Especially the right left one. The ligament that holds your left ovary in place that can press on the vein that takes blood out of your left leg. The ligament on the right can also cause pressure and blood clots but for some reason this is quite a bit rarer.If there is a clot in a deep vein, the surface veins can get swollen with extra blood. Think of traffic jams on main roads and what happens to the side roads. The veins on the skin become more visible and sometimes stick up.Examine your left and right legs carefully. If either leg appears to be a different color or swollen, CALL 911. Blood clots can be dangerous and need to be dealt with swiftly. Watch also for chest pain, pins and needles in the leg, a feeling that the leg is very heavy, etc. Again, this is more likely some sort of infection or wart. But knowing the symptoms of blood clots could save your life. They are most common in the elderly but can strike at any age.Chest pain along with a swollen leg is a sign of an extreme emergency!
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    • February 10, 2010
    • 09:22 PM
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  • Let's not jump to conclusion. Odds are it is a benign thing. Probably a varicose vein. I have one diagnosed by my doctor. Not unusual especially if you have had children or are overweight. It can burn and itch throughout day. Always a good idea to have things checked out by a doc. At least you will get the right diagnosis and education on how to deal with it.
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    • February 26, 2010
    • 08:24 AM
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