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Help please! any info or thoughts appreciated! pulsing/twiching =(

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  • Posted By: Kennybelle
  • August 18, 2008
  • 03:51 AM

So i have this problem that is disturbing me and is getting me a bit worried, i am 20years old and dont know too much about the body so any thoughts would help. so here is underlying prblem i have had first.

Ive been having a small amount of pain in my left testicle for about 9 months, but nothing serious, it would come and go sometimes. i went to a urologist 2 weeks ago and he told me i have a varicocele. the thing is he literally spent about 10 seconds examining me and said hes going to do surgery. he didnt explain any options, anything i could do, and nothing much of why besides yorur going to be infertile. so i really dont trust him.

well i do not want surgery because i go to school, work and also work out so surgery would cost me too much money and time from the things i feel that i need to do. so i dont plan to have the surgery ,yet.

But the problem is about a week ago i started to get this annoying pulsing/twitching rigth where my testicles are. it just randomly and sometimes constatly does it. and now its starting to worry me a bit. it doesnt hurt, but it is really disturbing and i dont know if that has something to do with the varicocele,

I am just worried that if this could be somthing serious?

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  • Yes, it could be; it could cause you to be sterile if he was accurate. It would appear that an ultrasound can confirm his diagnosis. Call and ask him for that test before going under the knife, or go to another doctor and get a second opinion, but definately the ultrasound. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VaricoceleUpon palpation of the scrotum, a non-tender, twisted mass along the spermatic cord is felt (it feels like a bag of worms.) The mass may not be obvious, especially when lying down. The testicle on the side of the varicocele may or may not be smaller compared to the other side.Varicocele can be reliably diagnosed with ultrasound, which will show dilatation of the vessels of the pampiniform plexus to greater than 2 mm. The patient being studied should undergo a provocative maneuver, such as Valsalva's maneuver (straining, like he is trying to have a bowel movement) or standing up during the exam, both of which are designed to increase intraabdominal venous pressure and increase the dilatation of the veins. Doppler ultrasound is a technique of measuring the speed at which blood is flowing in a vessel. An ultrasound machine that has a Doppler mode can see blood reverse direction in a varicocele with a Valsalva, increasing the sensitivity of the examination.
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    • August 18, 2008
    • 05:21 AM
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