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Crazy sore on the bottom of my shaft, thoughts?

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  • Posted By: myownkarma
  • May 30, 2008
  • 05:13 AM

I have HPV and have had small recurrent warts from time to time, nothing serious only a little embarassing. Recently after an unprotected episode (couple of weeks) around the same time i stopped using aldara i got this crazy sore at the base of my shaft about the size of the tip of my pretty finger, pretty big in my opinion. It doesnt itch, burn ... etc its just there. I popped it and a little white puss came out at first and only blood now but it hasnt really shrunk since. The sore is raised noticably and the skin around it seems a little shiny for one reason or another as well if that helps, any ideas? I would see a doc if i had insurance but i could really use any advice or input.

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  • Is there an STD clinic in your location? Check with your Public Health Department (or ask at the hospital) for the location.Practice safe sex - use a condom always.There are more than 100 types of HPV, HPV is highly contagious, and some of the HPV types cause cancer in women and with carcinoma of the penis in men.And if a person is not protected - there is also the risk of becoming infected with chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, genital herpes, and HIV. I was just reading some of the other threads - there's an answer in one of them as follows: "You can see a doctor for free at your local county health department, std clinic. Don't wait." And from medical textbook: "the primary goal when treating visible genital wars is the removal of symptomatic warts. The removal may or may not decrease infectivity." If the warts do not regress with treatments such as imiquimod (Aldara) then the doctor might try electrocautery, cryotherapy, laser therapy, interferon, or surgical excision. Treatment does not destroy the virus, merely the infected tissue, so recurrences and reinfection are possible.
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  • just wondering - how do you know if you have HPV - I mean - how do you know if it is condylomata accuminata (HPV) or condylomata lata (syphilis) or benign neoplasm, or carcinoma? Did I leave any possibities out? These other possibilities have to be ruled out. To rule out the other possibilities, a person should have serological and cytological tests done. HPV cannot be confirmed by culture. These growths might be visible where they can be seen on the outside of the body where epithelial cells that are infected with HPV undergo transformation and proliferation (the warty growth). If they are inside there might be growths on the cervix of a female, or inside the anal mucosa of males or females - and dysplasia could develop - might need a biopsy.
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  • i suggest a full std screen get yourself down that clinic! please use protection next time!!!!!
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  • Well, you passed your hpv on to the woman and got something back from her in return, most likely. You need to get checked via blood work for herpes and syphilis and follow up on the hpv.
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