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Could I have HIV/AIDS?

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  • Posted By: thatredfella
  • December 2, 2006
  • 01:04 AM

This is a long read, sorry.

I was wondering if I have HIV or AIDS, most I ever did was kiss girls and feel their breasts. I think I am naturally a paranoid person, though.
One girl who I kissed and whose breast I touched had a lot of sex and that she had an infection, something with her vagina and I THINK she mentioned something about liquid or something like that and the doctor gave her medication. I don't want to go ask her what it was or anything since I didn't have sex and shouldn't really worry, all we did was kiss and I felt her breasts. I went by a doctor like 2 months or maybe a bit more ago and he said I couldn't get anything from that. At that point in time I was really wondering if I had HIV/AIDS and I wasn't eating at all, no appetite, and then I noticed bumps on my penis, and I showed the doctor, he said it was normal which had me pretty much relieved, and I even did some research and found where they say it is totally normal. The doctor also said touching breasts shouldn't give me anything, since I asked him if he were to do a breast exam if he used gloves or what. After I went by him I was prety much relieved and started living normally, eating as usual, etc. This encounter was mid July. (When I kissed the girl, though, I think I may have had a small cut or something like that in my mouth, but it isn't what I would consider an open soar, I think, but then again I am not a doctor. It was like I had this thing but it was recovering, so it was like it had a covering, but it wasn't totally there like the rest of the gum, maybe like a thinner layer or something. It wasn't to say it was bleeding or anything like that, it felt like it was basically healed. Just putting that out there though I read you'd need to drink a soda can of saliva to be at risk.)

About 3 weeks ago, I touched this (second) girl's breasts then suddenly I had no appetite and I start back wondering if I could have HIV or AIDS which makes this worse, so I start forcing myself to eat and now I eat normally, even more than before making sure I eat is the main thing. I thought I was loosing weight which is strange for me since I don't really lose weight, it's a strange thing to say and I know it is weird so it got me worry especially after I noticed having to tighten my belt an extra loop. Also, in the period when I was not really eating, which was maybe over a week, I think i got up with bad breath sometimes. Not sure if that means anything serious. I was sick badly a couple weeks ago, but this was definately not just me, as many people in school were sick and stayed home a few days, not unlike myself and were sniffly etc. for a while after. About a week after I was pretty much recovered, I touched another girl's breasts, no kissing, just the touching and still have a small dry cough which shows less and less. I am thinking it is just remaining there from the cold before, but I also think it's about time it went by now. Of course, it was worse 2 weeks ago and now i hardly have it but it is there. I have also been sweating under my arms sometimes and I am not sure if it is COLD sweat though, which is a symptom of HIV/AIDS. I was thinking it could be that I am eating so much that I may be getting more weight and this could be causing the sweating under my arms. I, sometimes, would be sitting and then feel sweat dripping down my side, from my arms. I don't know if this is what is called cold sweating since I do sweat if I am playing a sport but it sometimes just happens.

As I stated before, I think I am paranoid since young. When I was smaller, if I were to feel something poke me in bed, I would feel it was a scorpion, which I know can kill you easily with a sting. Now, I think I am much better with it and the only reason I am making myself uneasy is because I do have some reason to think this could happen, since I have put myself in some situations where I could potentially but hopefully not likely put myself at risk of getting HIV/AIDS.

It could be psychological, I don't know. I have a girlfriend and cheated on her by touching that girl's breast. It didn't bother me to say that was the reason I stopped eating but do you think I could have felt guilty without even knowing it? Now, I am sorry I did it, I am. I'm young, 17, and I made mistakes but not nearly as bad as say, having unprotected sex or anything like that.

I've been doing a lot of reading on the symptoms and today I think I may have white spots on my tongue and a small scrape or something like that on the roof of my mouth but have no idea if it is totally normal, reguading the white spots, and if the scrape could have been there from chicken bones from my meal today. I really do worry, but as I said, I think I may have a legitimate reason to be, or not.

Two last things that also had me wondering, I went by a barber and he used a razor blade that he used for other people. I was afraid to say anything though now, that could never happen to me again. I go to another barber in any case. I talked to my grandmother who is a nurse, asked if I had any rashes or anything, and said not to worry. When he was done using it he did use some rubbing alcohol or something like that and when I got home I rubbed something as well and when I was done, checked the toilet paper I was using and it had no blood, so that would mean I wasn't cut, it just touched my skin which should ne no different than using the same phone as someone right?

I also have a school pin which gave me a good poke in my thumb and there was a lot of bleeding, I don't know if maybe it might have poked someone before and then I go on and get poked by this and bleed. Anyway, I've poured out my heart here. I really hope I have nothing to worry about. Thank you to anyone taking the time to read this and offer advice.

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  • I completely understand your worries; although I have to tell you, most likely, as in my case, you are suffering not from HIV/AIDS, but anxiety. I too suffer from this. Every symptom I feel, I often try to relate to the worst possible case scenario. It is called anxiety; no, you cannot get the virus from what you have described; if you did, it would probably be the first case scenario in 30 yrs.! It is anxiety, which will eat at you worse than any disease..You will convince yourself of a diagnosis and symptoms will appear and equal that, even if it is something completely different. It sucks, and I wish you luck, because I self-diagnos and feel the worst pain everyday, with no back-up or diagnosis from my dr.(he just prescribed cymbalta) as if I am crazy, but it is true, you can create things in your mind to resemble what you feel, and that is usually mental, not physical! But as they have told me, seek second opinions if you want to be sure, it may help you sleep better! Best of luck, I know where you are coming from!
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • December 2, 2006
    • 06:36 AM
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  • I really feel for you. I went through the exact same thing last year. I was extremely stressed out and worried about everything. As a result, I started to develop physical symptoms. I had kidney infections, colds, muscle aches, sore throats, eye pain, muscle twitches.....you name it, I had it.I started to look up my symptoms on the internet and of course, all these serious medical conditions came up.HIV, Cancer, MS etc.I convinced myself I had HIV. It took me three months to build up enough courage to have a test and it came back negative.I was so relieved I cannot tell you but that was just the beginning. I still couldnt shake off these symptoms and then convinced myself it must be MS.The more you read about these illnesses, the more symptoms you develop.I then looked into anxiety and realised this is what I suffer from. I havent ever taken anything for it but I have a great boyfriend, friends and family who understand me and tell me to shut up when I start imagining the worst!You will come through it. Take care and all the best x
    Anonymous 42,789 Replies
    • December 11, 2006
    • 01:42 PM
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  • Thanks a lot for the help, and I feel better now and I was thinking that I am a hypochondriac or just "suffering" or a victim of anxiety.
    thatredfella 12 Replies
    • December 20, 2006
    • 07:09 PM
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  • Wow, I thought I was paranoid. I remember being really afraid of things when I was younger. I thought I contracted gonorrhea from sleeping in a hotel bed. ***l, I'm still paranoid about getting things. I'm worrying about something stupid right now. They really scared us back in middle/high school. It's not as easy as they make it seem to get an std or terminal illness. It really isn't. I know so many people who have very promiscuous and even unprotected sex, and I'm often surprised to find that they still haven't gotten anything. But when you really calm down and think about it, how many HIV-positive people do you even know of? How many of your friends have nasty, open blisters all around their mouth? Don't you think that if it were that easy to get hiv, that a lot more people would have it? Don't you think a lot more of the people you see everyday would be very sick, and possibly dying? When I really sit down and think about it, I can't think of a single person that I even KNOW OF that has been diagnosed with hiv. And, for perspective, I've had friends who have died of cancer. Sex is really fun and you should try it when you're ready. Condoms are handy. The best thing to do is to be open and honest about it with your partner. Don't be afraid to just ask while you're taking off her clothes, "Uh...hey...you don't have any sort of disease that I could get, do you? Just understand that if you gave me something, I would definitely track you down and make your life miserable somehow."-Domenick
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  • Go get a check at the doctors, or go get your blood tested or somthing, its always good to go check if you have somthing, you will feel more comfortable knowing
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  • It has got simple answer.. go to the doctor and check you blood whether it has an infection of HIV or not,,Regards - generic pharmacy
    yudi5555 3 Replies
    • August 29, 2011
    • 10:45 AM
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  • A few nights ago I kissed a girl and im not sure if she has aids but all I knew is that she had a rough and big tongue, from what I have heard is that she kissed someone who has aids and has done a lot of things herself. For some reason I searched the symptoms up and I keep thinking I have it I have had every single symptom and im getting paranoid is it anxiety!?
    mcflap 1 Replies
    • December 31, 2013
    • 11:24 AM
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