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Could I Be Pregnant?

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  • Posted By: sportsfan
  • October 13, 2008
  • 01:07 AM

my boyfriend and i have been using the 'pull out' method (stupid, i know, but my prescription ran out and i just moved from michigan to chicago so i had to wait for my new health insurance to kick in and find a new doctor blahblahblah) i've been off the pill for 3 months. i'm only 4 days late but my periods are usually eerily regular (i thought it was just the pill making them so regular, but they've started every 28 days on the nose for the past 2 months).

on friday night i thought i started my period, turns out it was just spotting. i finally found a doctor and had already set up an appointment for my yearly (and in order to get back on the pill...lol). i told her that i was only 3 days late and had some spotting (while doing the pap, she told me i definitely wasn't on my period) she did a urine test and it came back negative, but she said that the test might not detect a pregnancy this early. she told me to retest after i was a week late.

the only symptom i'm having (other than the missed period) is breast tenderness, which doesn't help at all because my breasts get extremely sore before my period.

i'm just really anxious about finding out. i've never been pregnant so i really have no idea what to look out for (other than the obvious). so i guess i'm asking:
1. could the doctor's test be wrong because it's too early? (i assume that a urine test at the doctor's office is more accurate than a home pregnancy test, right?)
2. are there some other, less common symptoms of pregnancy that i should looking out for?
3. are there other reasons i might be late on my period?

thanks for any help!

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  • I would wait like the doctor said and retest in a weeks time if you haven't yet started your period. Or, you could ask for a blood test which is more accurate... Also, just thinking you might be pregnant can throw your period off. So can stopping the pill - this can wreck havoc on your cycle. My advice is to relax and wait another week. If you still test negative I would suspect your period is out of wack due to the stopping of your bc pills. And get yourself a supply of condoms in the meanwhile, especially if you start taking the pill again (it won't be as reliable and you'll need a back up method of bc for awhile since you took a break from it). Obvious signs of pregnancy include morning sickness, queasiness, lower back ache, fatigue, hunger, etc...often there are no tell tale signs that early in a pregnancy, tho. The pull out method is one of the least reliable methods of birth control (but you know that!) Best wishesDOM
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    • October 13, 2008
    • 03:09 AM
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