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complex 7cm ovarian Cyst

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 4, 2006
  • 04:22 AM

hey i am new to this board with bunch of symptoms and fustration w/ drs.
here it goes..
I was diagnosed august 18 with a 7cm ovarian cyst in my right andexa/ovary the cyst has no flow I guess that means no fluid and there is a small amount of fluid in my pelvis.
the symptoms i have been experiencing are pain in lower abdomen, I can't hardly walk 1/2 block without hurting in lower abdomen, right side and back I have been diagnosed with a UTI and can't seem to get rid of it either been on cypro and bactrim for it so far my bp is going up the last one read 170/102 been to a few drs already and each one tells me that
it will go away on its own from what I understand its solid tissue its not going to go away its been a month since my last diagnose and its still there hurting
I am scared to death what all can happen if it keeps going not treated. i am; not sure what all can happen except develop into ovarian cancer I am doing all I can to get it treated almost on my hands and knees begging the drs to admit me and do surgery.. I have already had a partial hysterectomy 10yrs ago taking my uterus my left tube and ovary why not take me in now and take this completely out even the thought of ovarian cancer scares the heck out of me.
i have been back and forth in the ER due to pain so bad I couldn't stand it and all they gave me was morphene and something for nausea and sent me home. I am not for certain but I am almost positive that I am going thru premenapausal, i have night sweats hot flashes mood swings breast tenderness, so it just boggles me why the drs are giving me a hard time
Anyone else can relatel to this and could tell me their experience with ovaian cyst?
thanks a bunches

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  • Hi, I feel you girl, on that , cause I also have an cyt but, mine is not as big as yours. It is 4.7cm ad it is complex too.... 7 months ago , I had atransvaginal pelvic ultrasound and an regular on the pelvic and I still had an complex cyst it was 3.5 cm then. So, that i telling me as of now the complex cyst isn,t going any where , but geting larger , and growing.I ave severe pain too. I also had an hestrectm too, they took my uterus and cervix ad left my tubes a ovaries. I hve always, had problem going on wit female organs. I reallydon't know what to . I go to th dr. next week for my results, I hope he tell me what I want to hear.
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  • I am 31 and I was just told wednesday that i have a complex cysy 5cm. I am not sure where you live but my prim. doc explained it very well and the gyn oncoligist told me it is of concern. I was given a perscription for a lite birth control pill and was already schedualed for a second ultra sound.(6 weekse. from what the doc says these are very common but some do carry cancer so this is why they will keep an eye on my on June 23 they will see if it shrinks. if it is still the same size or has grown she says they will do laposcoic surgery to remove it. They also did a biopsy of the uterin tissue to be sure that I have no abnormal cells there.My auntie and sister both by the age of 37 have both had historectomys my aunt full and my sister partial. I dont recal your age now but My doctor says if you can keep at least one overy your menapause wont be so hard. if you do get it all removed the after effects are worse.I have 2 great docs. And I pray that everything will go in a better direction. I think you are doing the best thing researching the web because you get alot of good info on medical sites.Have a blessed day,Jennifer
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  • dr. said i have 7cm ovarian cysts on each ovary the pelvic and back pain are too much to bare. I also have endometriosis all over my uterus and the have covered my ovaries. it is all one mass. My doctor is a gyno -endocrinologist. i have had a sono an mri on- sat i am going for a ct scan. She has told me i have to have surgery not a lap. but open surgury on aug I. she will clean eveything out my cycts are called chocolate cysts and she will be cleaning them out. she will biopsy them. if they are cancerous she will give me a total hysterectomy. there is a chance of hemeraging just from the cleaning part of the surgery. she might only have to remove one ovary. I am scared because i feel like i dont know what im going to wake up to. im 33years old and terrified. she also told me that there is a chance of punchering my bowel i might need a poop bag for the rest of my life. small chance but very scary thought. I knew i had a problem early on in life i had heavy periods with bad pains-I got my period at eleven and had my first sexual experience at fourteen-i would bleed alittle after having sex every time just alittle though-after my son was born when i was 24 i would bleed anytime whether i had sex or not. the pain during sex was always painful- i also had a lot of pressure in the pelvic area that got worse over the years. a regular pelvic exam dosent show if you have enometriosis. tell your doctor if you have any of these symptoms. My doc told me she will do her best to save everything a reg gyno would want to give me a hysterctomy. Good luck to all of you we womem are a puzzle i for one am surprised at how much we have to deal with. oh and the spotting i would experience was a brown color to a gush at times. like the color at the end of your period.
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