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  • Posted By: ketluv06
  • April 1, 2008
  • 08:52 PM

I have been suffering with BV for going on 4yrs now. Its a constant battle on a day to day basis with the oder the itching and bottom line not being able to have sex like a normal person.
I have been treated with and for just about everything, the docs even went as far as treating my for ring worms LOL.
It all started April 2004, i gave birth to my daughter through C-Section about 3 months later i started getting symptoms. I had another child 2yrs later (VBAC) and suffered immensely with BV throughout my pregnancy.
I guess my question is could the c-section have gone wrong in some way and this is why i have recurrent BV. Could it be that i have some type of pelvic Infection and my gyn not detect it? My gyn is one of those that won't do a lab unless i literally beg him too he usually goes on assumption that ok today i have BV then tomorrow its a Yeast Infection. Ugh bottom line is i need help information SOMETHING before i loose my mind.

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  • I have been suffering from BV since 2006 and i think i have found some reliefI have found that there are a lot of ways u can get it, PH being disturbed by sex, birth control pills, or just from nothing but I will tell u ladies seriously listen to me, DO NOT TRY to fix this problem by simply putting things in your vagina ( douching, cream, pills, yogurt, etc) TRUST ME BV can make you so desperate that you will try everything, i know i have tried a whole lot of remedies. I REPEAT understand that BV is "REOCCURING" BECAUSE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY, some of my girlfriends have gotten it once, treated it and that was it. some other feel something coming on and their bodies get rid of it. we are NOT supposed to get sick from sex. so enough of my soapbox i will tell u what i have doneFIRST GO TO THE DOCTOR AND GET ANTIBIOTICS PILLS, for you and AND YOUR BOYFRIEND/HUSBAND, forget these folks who tell u it's not transmittable ( dont know if that's a word , lol), treat both u and him and abstain from sex during treatment. IMMEDIATELY AFTER TREATMENT, start taking folic acid and VITAMIN C EVERYDAY . FOlic acid promotes reproductive organ health all around and vitamin C helps your immune system. i did this and didnt get an infection until for a couple of days i was having sex and didnt take my vitamins. Then the next thing you should also do is really try to eat healthy, whole foods, veggies, cut sweets and crap from your diet. That's very important. Then ANOTHER reason we keep getting it is because the "flora" of the vagina, once it gets messed up it can take weeks, months and sometimes years to build itself back up so the way u can help it is by detoxifying your body and toning your reproductive organs. Buy some detox herbal teas and drink daily, do body cleanses ( colon, urinary and such), and drink a lot of water. You may be thinking, man that sounds like slavery to be doing all of that, but to be honest i think BV is God's or nature's way of telling me to take care of my body better, so now my pantry is full of herbal teas, and i buy mostly healthy food - ( i have a little pepperidge farm cookie addiction:-)) but if i do right by my body the majority of the time, it's ok to splurge sometimes. So far so good. My last bout of BV is still lingering just a little bit, but the reason it's not like a raging beast is because i m detoxifying and taking vitamins , so in effect right now my body is fighting it and it feels great to feel in control because honestly, even though i recommended doing the antibiotics treatment to start the regime, i do not recommend running to the doctor every couple of weeks to get antibiotics, it's going to hurt your body after a couple of sessions because your will also kill good bacteria in your gut and vagina and that messes up the flora even more. It kills me that doctors NEVER mention diet and holistic lifestyle changes to fix this problem, it's amazing, i guess since they cannot patent it, then it's not a good option. Also buy Chasteberry tea or pills ( tones uterus) and cerasee tea ( purifies blood and body, but tastes nasty) and try to incorporate herbal tea in your diet daily. I have seen results. Do not let this thing ruin your life, self esteem, relationship or marriage, stay strong and keep your head up.
    healthconscious 4 Replies
    • October 6, 2008
    • 04:54 AM
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  • http://chronicbacterialvaginosis.com/best info I have ever seen....i am very excited that this may work!
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • October 7, 2008
    • 09:09 PM
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