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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 26, 2007
  • 03:57 AM

I'm 18, and have been dating my boyfriend for 2 years now, and we are going to start having sex, and I was wondering which birth control method would be better, the patch or the Nuva Ring?

I have really irregular periods and bad PMS, so I was wondering which one helps more with that issue.

Also, we tried to have sex recently for the first time (using a condom), but he couldn't get more than a little inside me without it hurting REALLY BAD. I know my hymen isn't an issue anymore, as I have been using tampons forever and have had oral and whatnot, and I'm pretty sure I was wet enough...but what can I do? I don't know if I was too tight or not, I don't think I was, but I think lube is my best bet. I was excited too, but maybe lube would help more?

Any answers or thoughts would be appreciated :)

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  • I guess one of my questions would be to ask why has the birth control pill been eliminated from your options? It would help with regulating your cycles (now you can have like 4 periods a year with some of the BCPs) and it would help probably with PMS. Next if the patch and nuva ring are your only options they both have pitfalls like any thing. The patch is a little scarier though because in some cases it can cause increased blood pressure and heart problems in otherwise healthy people. The nuva ring is something that if you are comfortable with your body it is an option because you must insert it vaginally and take it out every month.Next if you have not ever had sex you hymen is still probably intact, tampons can but usually don't break it. The first time is always a little painful and you are very tight right now. My advice to you is to visit a gynecologist and ask him/her about birth control options and what would bring you personally the most benefit. Also I would always wear a condom just to be smart (esp because birth control takes a while to adjust your body to "protect" you, it isn't instantanous) Also lubrication could be of benefit, but please remember that nothing oil based (a test you could do it if you rub something oil based ie. peanut butter on the outside of a condom and then fill it up with water, you will see that a bunch of holes are now in the condom, so you would no longer be protected from pregnancy!) Take your time make sure you both are ready and talk to your doctor.
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  • I used Nuva Ring and loved it while I was on it (been off for just over a month). Be prepared to insert it and take it out every month, but having to deal with it twice a month is way better than everyday like with pills (also less to forget). All you do is squeeze it and push it in. I didn't feel the ring at all and my husband says he only felt it when his fingers were in me - not while having sex. You can also leave the ring in for a few extra days and postpone your period for a special occasion. With any birth control give yourself a few weeks to make certain it has taken affect.Another thread on here talks about what happens when you get off the pill. You might want to take a look before choosing. The women and myself are getting pregnancy symptoms from the lack of hormones that our bodies were once used to. But since you are only 18 and not married you are probably going to be on birth control for long term, so it would be worth it.Also for the lube issue - I always keep KY handy. Its became a ritual for my husband and I. Since you haven't had sex yet it is probably still going to be tight and may still hurt but lube will help for sure.Hopefully there is someone out there who can give you the pros and cons of the patch but Nuva Ring is for sure better than pills. (Oh, one more thing - if you do go with pills, don't do the 4 periods a year thing - you will go broke buying home pregnancy tests, worried that you might be pregnant!)
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  • hi im not going to be much help with the contraception quest as i don't know much about patch or ring. personnaly im on the pill (have been for over a year) and unless there are health reason i would deff give it a go and if it doesn't work out theres still other options like ou've mentioned. but the choice is entirly your's you just need to think what would be best for you as everyone's different. and don't worry about not being able to first time - most of the poeple i know had exactly the same prob including myself. just relax and make it lighthearted to that if something a bit embarrasing does happen then you can laugh it off. most of all just have fun - you're first time doesn't have to be the deadly serious thing thats its alwasy made out to be - aslong as your happy and you know your ready the only other thing to do it enjoy yourself. lube is a good idea (but make sure as has been said its ok with condoms). Hope that helps a bit.
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