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another vaginal alement

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  • Posted By: muffin17
  • February 22, 2008
  • 03:40 PM

i have burning and tingling on my vulva. Its getting worse. rapidly.

i have had copius amounts of white discharge for about 5 years, and watery discharge for about 2/3.

there appears to be no more extra discharge.

i have had skin complaints for ALL of this time- most of which have been dismissed by doctors. Bumps,redness, soreness, itching.

i just dispair. i am at my wits end. part of me just thinks i should just suffer with another problem, becuase no one ever takes me seriously. i do not have ****ing thrush. thrush that dusnt respond to thrush treatment, and gets worse/reoccours over many years.

What a pile of ****.

And to top it off, i have a special kind of endometriosis which starts out spectacularly painfully, with a load of discharge (unrelated, of course- come to think of it, maybe im making it up) and which then deminishes over the course of a few years to nothing. Then starts up again, and continues to fluctuate. thats the way it works isnt it.

doctors with selective hearing. just fantastic.

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  • I don't know what the discharge is, although it does sound like thrush. HOWEVER.....I had what I thought was thush for years, constant itching, very little discharge though. Turns out I had thrush followed by excezma. The thrush treament made the excema worse, I'd then get a urine infection, I'd be given antibiotics and then I'd get thrush again. It got me into a huge cycle which ensures that I now have patches of excema on my vagina which are irritated by...pretty much anything! I have been diagnosed with Diabetes since, and since cutting out all sugar from my diet, I haven't had any problems relating to the food I eat. My excema first manifested as patches which oozed a clear, dribbly fluid. No itching, some pain as it basically removed the top layer of skin. I took excema treament for that, and it cleared up in two weeks. I don't know if you're taking treament now, but perhaps you could start again? Do you have patches of dry skin on your vagina - particularly ones which don't itch immediately, but do after a couple of minutes if you touch them? Also, I'd go and see a new doctor! Sorry, but I think any doctor who gives up on such a serious problem for you doesn't deserve any more of your time. Can you see a skin specialist? She was the one who immediately said, "Yes, that's excema" as soon as she saw me. Don't give up. Somewhere there is a doctor who can help, it's just you may have a hard time getting to them. But you have to make loads of fuss, otherwise you get categorized and 'lost'.
    Mayfly 4 Replies
    • February 22, 2008
    • 05:14 PM
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  • Find a female internist to give you a pap and check you for STDs...or Planned Parenthood...you could have HPV, herpes 2(need blood test), syphlilis or a number of other diseases...better hurry...it could save your life...
    Monsterlove 2921 Replies
    • February 23, 2008
    • 03:32 AM
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