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a pimple?!!!

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  • Posted By: riskyd
  • March 23, 2009
  • 08:52 PM

in early October o8 i noticed a bump on the left side of my clitoris.It is very light in color, and from the surface it does not look big, but when i feel around it, it seemed at first to be the size of a grapeseed.Rcently it got larger and now it is a big as a orange seed, and it is quite easily irritated.

I went to my doctor right away, and he took a qick look at it and told me it was a pimple!!.So i went home and did warm compresses, and made sure that i clean the area well everyday, but it has only gotten bigger.

Also, i have a dark area on my left labia minora, just below my clitoris that has expanded aswell.

i don't know what to do, and my clitoris is quite sore, almoast like ive been kicked.

any advice would be great.

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  • so 20 people see this, but no suggestions? interesting.
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  • i had this several years go - it would come and go- finally i went to the doc when i was having a flare-up and she was puzzled too- eventually she decided it was external endrometrial tissue that would show up when i had a really bad period and then go away - it would return every 4-5 months and disappear again- lasted a few years until i started to go thru pre-menopause- warm baths and ibuprofin was all that helped me-
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  • I'd go to another doctor for a second opinion.
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  • Thankyou, i have gone to a second doctor, and he ordered blood tests, and did another exam.We do not know the results of my tests yet, but he does not like how the lump looks, or the discoloration, wich, by the way has started to show up on other vulvar areas.I have to have a colposcop(sp???) this week, and i have a surgical consult in early may.
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  • I had two lumps (labia minora). I went for exam and were told they were cysts and would go away without intervention, by themselves. Well, they shrunk and one went away, the other got bigger. It was removed. Then, months later, the other reappeared ... larger than ever; it was removed. Both were biopsied and "appeared" to be cysts, were non-cancerous, but biopsy results concluded "non-specific" and to date (a little over one year now) neither has returned. In my case, I now see that they may be attributed as symptoms, secondary conditions, to the disorders I have that were most-recently diagnosed ... but then again, they may not be. Are you having any other problems medically? If so, I'd look at those and see if this problem could be relative.
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  • Thank you Neuro for your post.I did ask my doctor if this would go away on its own and he said no, it will only get worse.I went back for my results and my doctor said that they want to take more biopsies, so that will be done later this week.When i asked him what the results were, he said abnormal, and that they need to know how much they are going to take.When i asked him to explain he said cancer stage 1, and they are most likely to do a partial vulvectomy.I am 23 years old, and next month i will be surgically mutilated.I tried to find credible info on the web from the major cancer sites, but many of then do not have info available about vulvar cancer.The info that i have gotten said that this happens in women older than i am, age 45 and up.I just wonder if there is anything else that they can do, before surgery, to lessen the are they have to take, the surgery just seems so drastic.There is a good website that i found,VACO, and eyes on the prize, but once again, it is mostly older women, and i am starting to feel rather lonely.For all that read this, please know that if you have any issues in your vulvular area (the outer part of your vagina) Please go to your doctor,no matter what it is, it is truly silly to be embarrased, your doctor was trained to help,its what they do.Take care
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  • riskyd, I'm truly sorry to hear the diagnosis you recently received. About your feelings ... of being "mulilated" ... I understand; try not to worry; I had the one removed and it altered my appearance down there for a short time ... but the deepest and the largest tumor I had was HUGE, about the size of two marbles molted together (no kidding). The surgeon told me the removal was difficult, he had to yank a lot, blood was everywhere, and additional tissue had to be removed. Upon removal, tissue was pulled together and stitched (a thin layer of skin pulled over from both sides of this hole) to cover the huge hole. About two weeks later, it broke open (no cause, no intercourse ... no reason, no stress to that area), simply, it was pulled-taught and stretched skin done in an attempt to close that hole, it just couldn't hold. So ... I had this deep GAPING hole there that I could stick my thumb in ... and you bet, it was very noticeable and very "deformed" looking. It is now a little over one year later and there is no evidence there, none whatsoever, that alters my appearance 'down there' as there was. The tissue seemed to have just remanufactured and filled the hole in. Mind you, this hole was huge!!! Also, when viewing that 'area' down there, from top (of clitoris/labia minora) to bottom (of vagina) it was so deformed looking ... the hole, gaped open, sort of scooted everything on top over ... so as above mentioned, from top to bottom, it was "twisted" looking ... like a huge S instead of the straight up and down appearance via a "normal construction" of the female genital area. I am completely normal in function & appearance ... nobody could ever know unless I were to tell them ... and if one were to investigate closely, would still never know. In your case, vulvar, it seems it may be even less disfiguring ... I believe they do try what they can cosmetically as well (this becomes an insurance/political issue). I would ask about what can be done cosmetically during this surgery. I had another tumor removed from my right eye, lacrimal gland, almost as large; they did cosmetic surgery on that ... because it would have certainly been disfigured had they not (reason, the drooping eyelid would have altered my vision); however, the cosmetic surgery required very little and was done in conjunction, immediately following the removal of the tumor ... good as new! I would ask; perhaps they can "shave" (???) the surrounding skin around the vulva following the removal to even it out with what is removed. Or perhaps they have a better method. I have no idea, but I would certainly ask. At your age, appears they would (and should) welcome your concerns about this and take it all into careful consideration, along with reviewing what your coverage pays (there are ways they can get around things like that, pertaining to getting coverage for things that typically are not covered 'because they are only cosmetic and/or pose no risk to health or function', if they choose to; perhaps by stating something along the lines of later discomfort or sexual function impacts that could follow). Although it does depend on the individual situation as well; this may not be an option. It certainly doesn't hurt to ask; the worst that can happen is that they will say "no" ... it can't be done. Which is no worse, at all, than the situation you are in by not asking. Lastly, I know how you feel; yes, typically older women. I can relate, I can't find anyone, not one person, with PML or possible PML because it's a rare disease. You have my understanding and my compassion.
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  • Thank you for your message.I know my doctors want to do as much as possible to make everything look as "normal" as possible, but it is such a horrible surgery.Because cost is not an issue for me, i believe they will do a good job.I am sorry to see that you have not made a connection with others with the same "possible" diagnoses as you, i know how alone in can leave you feeling.I hope that you are well,christina
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