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18, trying for a baby

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 24, 2007
  • 03:04 AM

im 18, and me and my boyfriend of almost 3 years (whom i know, and trust me when i say this- "KNOW" we will be together forever) have decided to start trying to have a baby. we are sooo excited, but of course are having some negative thoughts. the whole "financial/insurance/yada yada stuff" is kind of a killjoy on the whole idea. my girlfriend knows of an insurance i can gain being a single parent, so im not so much worried about that, just the financial stability in a whole. and me and him live at home with my father, which isn't so bad considering neither one of us pays rent, but im not thrilled of the idea of raising my baby in my parents house. we wOuld move out, but just dont have enough money. bUt, my best friend is 21 with 3 kids already, and honestly tells me all the time that its not as expensive to have a baby as some people may percieve. and come on, she has three! is this the case for anyone else?? i mean, me and my boyfriend both have jobs, and he'll have benefits soon at his new job, but we don't plan on getting married any time soon. and the whole "college" thing, im definately not worried about right now. i figure, i dont even know what i want to do as a career, so i have my whole life to go back to college. so is it really so expensive to have a baby? and is it so bad to raise my child in my parents house??

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  • so is it really so expensive to have a baby? and is it so bad to raise my child in my parents house??I think it is expensive to have a baby. ABout raisng a child in your parent home.....if your parents are healthy, considerate, loving and cause no trouble at all for you, then I think it is OK to raise a child there but I also think it would be smart if you talked to your father about it.
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  • Making informed decisions is often more rewarding than letting emotions decide for us. I think that there are many emotions influencing your thinking so you should pay attention to your emotions and "see" what's behind all of them.Your emotions should guide you towards self-confidence, self- love, self acceptance- your emotions should help you feel free and self- sufficient- independent. I am recommending you to read "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert T. Kiyosaki - it is a very easy read and it will give you guidance towards freedom so you get some useful info about money and finances but at the same time you'll feel confident and happy to have fun with your life and do what you want to do.Don't worry- the author is not going to tell you to "go to college, get good grades, and secure a high paying job" -- he knows that is old and bad advice- and life does not work like that anymore. People want to do, what they want to do- so he'll tell you how.Best,Fruity.
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  • If you are serious in this post, I hope that you do some more research before getting pregnant. Not only is having a child very expensive, it changes your whole life. If you can not afford to live by yourself, why would you want to then have to worry about bringing a child into the world... what is your father lost his job or was not happy with your pregnacy-- what would you do then. Also-- you mention having your whole life for college. I guess I would ask-- what is the rush into having a baby? You are 18!!!!!!!!! I am 29 and am thinking that I am too young to have a baby!! Most of the people I know wait until they are in their 30s to have kids. Get your schooling finished now... have fun being a teen/20s. be carefree and find yourself, then worry about having kids. If you after reflection really are prepared to be 100% unselfish and give up your freedom,etc and want to have a child, best of luck. You can do it- but just do not rush into it. There is no need to rushing at this point in your life!
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