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Vocal Cord Dysfunction?

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  • Posted By: Allegra
  • June 24, 2009
  • 09:57 PM

In December of 08 I went to the doctor when I started not really being able to breath. Like, I couldn't manage to yawn because I couldn't inhale that deeply. For the last seven months it's constantly been like that. I suppose that it's gotten better, and I can yawn most of the time now, but I don't even remember what it feels like to take deep breaths.

The first doctor thought it was asthma, which would make sense. But my inhaler does nothing once so ever. The second, and last, doctor I saw I think I ended up seeing for three or four weeks in a row. She was pretty sure that I had a vocal cord dysfunction. But something just doesn't really feel right about that. From what I've read, with VCD it should be on and off. For me it's always there.

I know it's possible I should go back to the doctor, but I have a feeling it'll just be all 'you have this...oh wait, no, now you have this...no, now you have this.' And while I totally understand that's how it goes, I don't really want to sit through all of that.

Also, I've read that VCD mostly occurs in people that are athletic. Like, people who are in the Olympics. And also it's mostly in older people. I'm thirteen. I ride horses, a decent work out, at least four times a week, but still.

I've gotten really sharp pains before that feel like they're under my rib cage under my last rib...

I'm not sure what to do, really. I don't like knowing that I could pass out at any given moment because I don't really have all that much air in my lungs, or at least it doesn't feel like it.


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  • Hello Allegra Being 13 is a great age to find out exactly what the problem is and this one is fixable, I know. I was diagnosed with asthma, emphysema and c.o.p.d. 12 years ago after coughing up a little blood, going to e.r., being admitted with pneumonia, and later that night was put on life support,( I did not know it), 6 days later I woke up and thought it was the next day. I was put on inhalers and steroids and sent home. I tried to get used to using the medicine and just cope.......now 12 years later, (I have been trying to prove that an unusual situation caused my illnesses because since the life support thing...I have been sick all the time with one thing on top of another and what I suspect cause all this , this has never been heard of before, but the illnesses have been life and death things, with more than just lung involvement), The list of drs I've seen to this point is approx 200 in 3 states. This year in jan I was finally sent to Hershey medical center in which I have now seen 5 drs, the last appointment I had was on mon. Since I get my records from each dr, I read the last report and noticed that the drs wrote that he thought he heard the wheezing was coming from my throat...I NEVER NOTICED...I JUST WHEEZED AND COULD NOT BREATHE AND THE MEDS AND EVEN OXYGEN DOES NOT WORK................One night while going to sleep I heard the wheezing......I focused.....It was from my throat!!! Right before I left for the appt....I googled throat problems, Found this one, read it...It was me, almost.....Went to appt, told dr of my thoughts, he looked disbelieving and I think was going to try to prove me wrong....He went and got another dr....Long story short...I go in 1 month to have special test done, however I know that It is this because the dr had me do several things, and when I could not breath, she told me to make the sound a snake makes and then to breath in through my nose.......like this...sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, breathe in through nose........IMMEDIATE.......I could breathe........she said smells, coughing, and in my case combing hair(arms over head), bending over, walking 6-10 steps, among other things, like brushing teeth would cause this to happen, sometimes just sitting there, suddenly couldn't breath........Just imagine, 12 years and all the meds and e.r. trips............I COULD BREATH....LOOK UP ..ventricular dysphonia http://www.ent-consult.com/throat.htmlI will pray for the best outcome for you. You have a wonderful blessed day, I know my life changed greatly on 7/13/09 and as well I am much closer to proving my initial injury. I have a website dedicated to helping others who have unusual illnesses that they think were caused by what I suspect,.....I had a 3 1/2 year periodic pre burned natural gas leak in my home. the web site is www.help4you.iwarp.com GOD BLESS!! Mary....stillalive
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